All Things Patience with Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla is an exquisite member of the copper family. It is present abundantly throughout metaphysical healing. It presents itself in shades of bright green, seafoam, and deep blue, with occasional brown or black. You can find Chrysocolla in many forms. It can be tumbled or polished, in jewelry, or on a Matrix – a formation[…]

What is a Chakra?

What Is A Chakra?

Align My… What? You’ve probably heard it before – “align your chakras” is frequently heard from spiritual practices, businesses, teachers, and friends. The chakras are often mentioned or displayed in colorful artwork in metaphysical stores and healing spaces, but what’s all the hype about? What even is a chakra? For those who aren’t experienced healers[…]

How to Clean your Crystals, Part 3: Using Other Stones

Keeping your crystals clean is essential to their longevity, luster, and metaphysical ability. In Part 1 and 2 of the crystal cleaning series, we used nature and household items to keep our healing tools clean. We will close the series with more accessible cleansing methods in Part 3 – clearing your stones with other crystals. […]