April 27, 2021

How to Shop the Live Sale

Enjoy exclusive Live Shopping experiences with Pink Healing Founder Beth Ann Kennedy.
To keep these healing crystal Live Sales fun and energetic for everyone, we have a few ground rules we ask all participants to follow.

Pink Heart Healing Live Sales

About Our Live Sales

Find us on Instagram Live @pinkhearthealing at the time of the Live Sale

Beth Ann Kennedy will be channeling information about the crystals and healing.
Please do not ask for personal readings during the Live Sale.

How to Claim an Item

  1. Crystal will be shown with the price. If there are multiples, they will be displayed with A, B, C options.
  2. When you see a piece that you want, type “Mine” or “Claimed” with the crystal name + price/letter option. Example: “Mine Kyanite 45 A”
The first person to claim the item gets it!

Invoicing, Payment, and Shipping

When you win a claim, you will receive a DM to your Instagram Account with payment information.
We create a special listing for you on our site. With the link, you can pay for your purchase choose the shipping method.
Please note, international shipping has higher rates and longer shipping times.

Stayed tuned for our next Live Sale!

Stay tuned for our next Live Sale announcement!

Our healing crystal Lives Sales take place approximately every other week. Stayed in the know by following us on Instagram and by signing up for our newsletter.

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