Beth Ann Kennedy

About Beth Ann Kennedy

Beth Ann Kennedy is a crystal expert, psychic, and teacher of the healing and intuitive arts. Her work focuses on personal growth, the development of intuition, and the expansion of consciousness.

As a healer, empath, and psychic medium, Beth Ann is able to receive messages that reveal a more profound and often very raw truth. She can see blocks and health challenges resulting from the mind and body connection. Her work is dedicated to mapping and interpreting the human energy field in order to evolve the understanding of consciousness. Where modern society tends to focus on the advancement of technology, Beth Ann’s research aims to bring light to humanity’s ability to connect to and attain higher consciousness.

Since 2007, Beth Ann has developed a highly dimensional career working with intuition, healing crystals, and personal development as both student and practitioner. Her approach is embedded in the Buddhist Philosophy of the “Middle Path,” which seeks to find balance between extremes. Her work in crystal healing finds equilibrium between dualities, navigating pragmatic reality with the unlimited potential of the universe and spirit world. She uses her “common sense” style when teaching and working with clients by focusing on positivity while embracing reality to heal and work through issues.

Beth Ann’s connection to the spirit world and the human energy field has been strong since she was a young child. Her first experience occurred at only four years old when a white light appeared to her in the woods on her family’s property. This light, which she later understood to be the Mother Mary, was the first of many divine beings which have come to be a consistent presence in her life.

As a child, Beth Ann was drawn to crystals and had an instinctual understanding of minerals and geography. Vivid memories from past lives gave her visceral recollections of distant civilizations throughout history – and an articulate knowledge of lives she had lived before. These memories allowed for her intrinsic understanding of history and the cyclical nature of humanity. Deep within her was an understanding of the Karmic Cycle, the Birth/Death Cycle, and insight into the greater questions about life on earth, and the purpose of whey we are here.

Beth Ann Kennedy with client

In her early 20s, Beth Ann started receiving psychic messages and visits from historical and spiritual leaders. These guides shared lifetimes of wisdom with her about the human experience and showed her the depths of her own psychic abilities. During this time, Beth Ann received training in yogic philosophy, meditation, and energy anatomy. Her studies centered on Hindu and Buddhist art and the ancient history of India, Nepal, Tibet, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

In 2005 she moved to London to study East Asian Art and the Art History of the Silk Road. There, she learned Tarot and began giving psychic readings after a spontaneous awakening. It was also during this time she had her first experiences with crystals and began intuitively understanding their therapeutic power. She sensed their properties and uses in working through energetic blocks, healing complex emotional wounds and physical ailments.

Also during this time, she traveled across Europe and Asia while studying art history. These travels were synchronistically intertwined with her spiritual growth and her new understanding of her life’s purpose.

Beth Ann with student

Upon returning to the United States in 2007, Beth Ann began her career by launching Pink Heart Healing. Starting out with psychic readings, she soon after graduated into healing and coaching work after her own extensive training. She attracted the attention professionals in the medical and therapy fields, working jointly with their clients. With a growing clientele and following, she began to establish herself as a leader in her field throughout the midwest. Her business expanded with the addition of education courses and retail crystal sales.

As her career progressed, Beth Ann was invited to teach larger groups. She began collecting proprietary information, via research and channeling, on intuitive development, personal growth, and the energetic properties of crystals. This, combined with her professional work with clients and collaborations with other healers, led to the development of her original content intended for professional crystal healers.

"I believe we all have energetic gifts that connect us with our internal compass and heal past wounds to release blockages in the mind, body, and spirit." – Beth Ann Kennedy

Education and Training

  • Bihar School of Yoga, Trained in Yoga philosophy, meditation and Yogic energy anatomy (1999)

  • Cleveland State University BA of Art History with a concentration in Asian Studies (2003)

  • Sotheby’s Institute of Art via the University of Manchester Masters of Arts in East Asian Art & dissertation on the first synthesis of Shamanism and Buddhism of the peoples of the southern silk road of the now Xinjiang province (2007)

  • Internship at the British Library, Central Asian Department (2006-2007)

  • Advanced studies in Thetahealing®, Usui Reiki Master, Mediumship, Shamanism, Tarot Reading and philosophy

  • FourWinds Academy Graduate, Healer Certification Program and Senior Instructor

Professional Background

  • Founded Pink Heart Healing, 2007

  • Established premium crystal retail business, 2008

  • Began teaching and training students in Psychic and Personal Development, 2009

  • Co-authored first training manual for crystal healing, 2012-2013

  •  Launched Pink Heart Healing social media platforms, 2016

  • Launched Online Professional Training Program, 2021

Meet Beth Ann Kennedy

Beth Ann tells the story of her relationship with crystals, in her own words.