January 3, 2020

Bridging the Gap: The First and Second Chakra.

Although located closely on the physical body, the vortexes of the first and second chakra are often worlds apart.  These chakras sit in the lower abdomen, with the first chakra (root) located at the base of the spine and perineum, and the second chakra (sacral) just above the pubic bone or sacrum.  Both chakras are fairly primal in nature, covering basic survival needs and areas of the unconscious.  They can both deal with power, sexuality, elimination, and emotion but in different ways.  The root chakra is all about collective core survival issues and the unconscious beliefs of our society.  The second chakra is associated with more individual emotions, creativity, sexuality, early childhood relationships, and identity with mother and father.

We can turn for a moment to the other side of the energy body and look to the relationship between the third-eye and crown chakras.  These chakras are located above the physical crown of the head, and centrally in the brain or skull. There is a strong natural link between the third eye and crown chakras. For many people, particularly those of us pursuing a spiritual path, we put a lot of time and energy into evolving these chakras and their relationship to one another.  The more aligned a person becomes with themselves and their divine nature, the more these chakras work in conjunction with one another, and the more we feel connected to our soul purpose and path. We would like this is type of relationship and alignment for our root and sacral chakras to feel grounded in our human experience and connected to our sense of self, ancestry, and the Earth. However, this alignment may often prove to be complex.  Lets examine why.

  • Less desire to acknowledge and honor our primal selves-   We are all divine and we are all mortal. It is generally easier for us to love the divine part, but we don’t always love the mortal, human parts of ourselves. In our society, the gross, physical aspects of our being are often kept private.  We have primal survival needs like all earth-bound species.  That can make people uncomfortable for an unlimited amount of reasons. Taking care of our physical needs can eventually be thought of as a spiritual practice. 
  • Your karma- We all have a shadow side; parts of ourselves that are not of the light, and parts that can be very hard for us to deal with.  Owning up to, and ultimately accepting, our shortcomings is challenging. It takes time, love, and practice. In the meantime, guess where it goes? Far away from the mind to the very bottom of our energy field, the first and second chakras. 
  • Fears of uncovering truths and mysteries that are quite frankly unpleasant- We store pain in our bodies and in our energy fields, and the innate intelligence of the body stores pains as far away from our conscious minds as possible.  Stored pain can end up in many places, but the pelvis, legs and feet is a safe distance from the mind. That’s right, stored pain is likely held in the first and second chakras.
  • Painful childhood memories– It is a survival mechanism of the brain to store and forget painful experiences until we are in a safe space to address them. Issues involving our sense of survival, ancestry, and deep emotions are housed and addressed in the first and second chakras. We are built to forget, and when we live through stress or trauma, we develop coping mechanisms such as daydreaming, not being present, or dissociation to get us though uncomfortable situations.  This is essentially so of childhood, where we are unable to leave uncomfortable situations and have to find ways of tolerating or surviving.  If you had a mean parent or something traumatic as a child, chances are it affected your lower chakras. 
  • Trauma from other lives–  Trauma imprints from other lives sit in the human energy field and depending on the severity of the trauma, can take lifetimes to heal.  All one has to do is look to the crimes of the world to see all the possibilities of trauma that could occur to ones root chakra.  All souls have had traumatic experiences, and it can take time to let them go.   
  • Current life trauma- Issues and pains that affect your lower chakras happen regularly. Depending on your stress level, time, and energy in processing and healing these issues, these pains can be stored.  

What do continued blockages look like?

Continued energetic blockages and stores traumas in the first and second chakras can disrupt the natural energy flow between these chakras, and may even eventually manifest as a physical issue. Unaddressed, stored energies will eventually manifest as karmas in this lifetime, or in future lifetimes. At some point, we have to work through, accept, and send love to release these experiences. 

Healing the Chakras

So, lets get to the business of healing and restoring the connection between the first and second chakras. Meditation and self-care practices are very useful for regular maintenance of the mind and clearing the energy body, and for some can be a direct tool for healing the first two chakras. However, when healing deep, stored emotions and experiences, we can need the help and guidance of a professional or spiritual community. There is no need to go it alone, and often these issues are unresolved simply because we need to learn new tools to help us grow. There are two basic ways to heal; either directly or indirectly.

Some examples of direct methods of healing include – therapy, counseling, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Acupuncture, Crystal Healing, or other Energy Healing.  

Indirect methods of healing include healing crystals, essential oils, exercise, visualizations, breathing practices, color therapy, mantra or affirmation, sound healing, connecting with nature, or sending light to chakras or centers of the body. 

Carrying healing crystals for the Root Chakra and Sacral Chakra in your pocket, as jewelry, or placing under your pillow at night can be great assistance in accessing the energy you need. 

Getting out in nature, especially with bare feet, can help you to ground, clear your energy field, and feel a connection with the Earth. Modern conveniences enrich and simplify our lives, but can leave us feeling disconnected from the natural cycles and healing forces of nature. We often think of nature with a capital “N,” places in the wilderness, but we can remember that nature is everywhere in our local surroundings. Getting barefoot in a patch of grass, or simply observing local animals can help us feel connected to our place within Nature, which can ground and clear our root and sacral chakra energies.   

Getting creative is a great way to access and clear our lower chakras. Whether you enjoy creative writing, sketching, coloring, or collaging, any creative practice allows you to access the unconscious. It doesn’t matter if your work ends up “good” or “bad,” just setting aside the time and space to let your mind shift into a creative mode can be very emotionally healing, and that’s time well spent.  

Written and Edited by Beth Ann Kennedy and Erin Winters.

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