There is Something Divine about Pink Tourmaline

The first encounter with Pink Tourmaline was during a difficult time in my life; was feeling forlorn after undergoing disappointment from unrequited love, coupled with the realization that obsessing over it had become extremely unhealthy. Truth be told all my life there’d been a rather unhealthy aspect with male romantic partners, as my desire was literally[…]

My Love affair with Aquamarine

Aquamarine crystal was a familiar experience as I’d been receiving them as jewelry gifts since childhood; based on it being my birthstone. Back then wearing them without question was more or less a cultural influence. Later I questioned the legitimacy behind the influence and shucked it to cleaver marketing. As a professional in 2007, I[…]

Prehnite Bling!

Without realizing it, have always held a fascination with Prehnite. Being a great lover of crystal jewelry, have incessantly and unconsciously shopped for original, unique pieces my entire life.  Am not sure where I purchased my first piece of prehnite jewelry but the one that stands out is a beautiful bracelet; made of silver and[…]