How Belief Systems Can Change Your Life

How Belief Systems Can Change Your Life

I want to discuss belief systems and the ways we can recover from them. Let’s walk through how updating and revising your belief systems can change your life. If you’re going through a period of personal development or spiritual awakening, you are most likely familiar with the concept of “belief systems.” However, understanding the constructs[…]


All Things Patience with Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla is an exquisite member of the copper family. It is present abundantly throughout metaphysical healing. It presents itself in shades of bright green, seafoam, and deep blue, with occasional brown or black. You can find Chrysocolla in many forms. It can be tumbled or polished, in jewelry, or on a Matrix – a formation[…]

How to Clean your Crystals, Part 3: Using Other Stones

Keeping your crystals clean is essential to their longevity, luster, and metaphysical ability. In Part 1 and 2 of the crystal cleaning series, we used nature and household items to keep our healing tools clean. We will close the series with more accessible cleansing methods in Part 3 – clearing your stones with other crystals. […]

Labradorite for Protection and Magic

Labradorite is one of the most popular metaphysical stones and often one of the first that people buy. Its dazzling flashes of color and chatoyancy enchant the eyes and draw in curious onlookers. Shades of violet, peacock blue, gold, green, orange, and coppery red create its treasured “labradorescence” – a remarkable shimmer that emerges when[…]

Moonstone Blog

Moonstone and the High Priestess

Often called “the stone of new beginnings,” Moonstone holds the key to integration and harmony within the self. Change is always present in the human experience and can sometimes be difficult to process. With Moonstone, obstacles are diminished and the “ups and downs” of life are more easily dealt with on a physical, emotional, mental,[…]

Clearing Your Energy with Nature Blog

Clearing Your Energy with Nature

The number one thing you can do to clear your energy in a pinch is to get outside.  From a crisis to daily maintenance, it is important to know how to clear your energy field, return to normal, and be able to take grounded action.  If you need to clear yourself off quickly, the best thing you[…]

Crown Chakra Higher Self Blog

Harness Your Higher Self: The Crown Chakra

Have you ever noticed that people who feel deeply connected to their spirituality seem more optimistic and at peace with the happenings in their lives? You may be familiar with the attitude: everything happens for a reason. This is an attitude of trust towards life and the universe. Our fundamental belief systems shape our experience[…]