Harness Your Higher Self: The Crown Chakra

Have you ever noticed that people who feel deeply connected to their spirituality seem more optimistic and at peace with the happenings in their lives? You may be familiar with the attitude: everything happens for a reason. This is an attitude of trust towards life and the universe. Our fundamental belief systems shape our experience[…]

What Are Spirit Animals?

Spirit Animals are Spirit Guides of a higher frequency who are wonderful messengers and teachers. Spirit Animals may be wild animals, or even animals that we knew as pets. You may access a Spirit Animal through meditation, visualization, or repeated signs in your daily awareness.  When you are trying to access a Spirit Guide, I[…]

What Are Ancestral Spirits?

I love working with Ancestral Spirits. When I give psychic readings to a new client, some of the first people to connect and offer messages are their loved ones who have crossed over, or ancestors. Ancestral Spirits are sometimes people that we knew, and others are ancient relatives that we have never met.  An Ancestor may[…]

3 Tips to Improve your Affirmations

Affirmations are powerful statements to help you become what you need to be in life and in the world.  They are literally pulling down universal energy and crafting  into matter.  Affirmations are tools of manifestation, actions of positive change, and a powerful statement of self-love, and self-worth.  When you are on a spiritual path, you often work with the[…]

My Love affair with Aquamarine

I had received Aquamarine jewelry as gifts since childhood; based on it being my birthstone. Wearing aquamarine as a birthstone was a trend.  As a professional in 2007, I recall buying several, non-descript chunks from various vendors at a local psychic fair. They were milky to opaque, yet didn’t display any type of termination. I[…]

Prehnite: A Stone for Dreaming and Remembering”

When people think of healing crystals, Prehnite is not the first crystal that comes to mind. Prehnite is not visually sparkly like amethyst. Prehnite doesn’t have the most accessible energy; we have to allow it to unfold in revealing it’s energetic properties. So what is so special about this yellow-green stone? It is a fantastic[…]