March 30, 2020

How to Clean your Crystals, Part 1: Using Nature

As a professional crystal healer and psychic medium, it is one of the questions I am asked the most – how do we keep our stones working optimally? Crystals often do the heavy lifting for us. They absorb negativity and toxicity from our system like a sponge. Their gifts to us are powerful, which is why it’s important to preserve them! If you want to keep your stones energized and active for years to come, it’s essential to keep them clean. Those who don’t frequently clean their stones will notice a significant loss of color or luster, breakage, feelings of disconnect from the crystal, or a realization that the stone no longer works well. 

The best tool kit we have for cleaning crystals comes from Mother Nature. The natural elements offer us a host of easy, everyday methods for cleaning your stones. I recommend the following to keep them energized and working for years to come.


One of my favorite methods as a crystal healer is to use a cleansing smoke, often referred to as “smudging.” You can do this with several types of plants, trees, and resin incense. The most common smudge is white sage. However, this potent herb is endangered due to overharvesting, so I recommend only purchasing it from an ethically harvested source.  You can also use dried garden sage as well or you can also use another great plant such as mugwort or prairie sagebrush, resin woods like palo santo, and resin incense like frankincense or dragon’s blood.

To Use: Set fire to the plant or wood with a match. Let it burn for a few seconds, then blow out. Imagine pent-up energy being cleared as you guide the smoke around the crystal. If using a resin incense, light a charcoal sensor in an appropriate vessel and place resins on top to burn.  


If you are allergic to smoke, don’t like the scent, or live somewhere where you can’t burn things that smoke, I recommend a cleansing mist. These are sold all over the internet as a “smudge in a bottle.” You can also make your own at home, so do some research! Try rose water or witch hazel from the store. You can add essential oils like white sage, rosemary, juniper, lavender, or the potent oils of palo santo and mugwort. 

Placing your crystals outside in the fresh air also works wonders.

To Use: Mist around crystals and surrounding area. Wherever the mist goes, imagine it dissolving all stagnant energy.


Some like to clean their stones with running water. In an ideal world, the water is from a natural stream, ocean, or lake. If this is inconvenient or you don’t have access to either, tap water or distilled water will work well. You can also use rain water for this method. While this can be good for the stone, I have a few precautions. First, know your mineral! Simple tumble stones are usually fine with water. However, some complex mineral specimens can be damaged if they are submerged. Never submerge halite or selenite, as they will dissolve. Be sure to do research on your stones before using this method.

To Use: Hold crystal in hand and place under tap water or natural stream. Imagine negative and stagnant energy being washed away. If stone tolerates water, you can also submerge in a bowl and add salt.


  • Sunlight or moonlight: Another method is to place your stones outside and use the sun or moon. This is highly popular and has many benefits. When you use the sun, you not only clear your crystals, but change them as well. While this is great for some crystals, sunlight can fade many varieties of stones, including quartz and fluorites. Be very careful of prolonged exposure to sun. A moon bath is also very clearing for stones, as it can charge the crystals with the phase of the moon. It is generally accepted to charge your crystals during a full moon, but a new moon can be interesting as well.

To Use: Place your stones outside, preferably in a sheltered area if rain is possible. Use the sunlight or moonlight. You could also bury them in the dirt to connect them with the Earth for a natural cleansing. 

  • Placing your stones on the earth or burying them in the ground is a really incredible method to clean a stone long-term. For stones that need a deep clean and charge, direct connection with the earth is the strongest method for crystals that need to heal.

To Use: Find a safe place on the earth where crystals will be protected from the elements. Set on the ground for several days or as long as they need. If you bury stones, you may want to wrap your crystal in a protective, natural cloth to help with prevent staining or breakage.