March 9, 2020

Clearing Your Energy with Nature

The number one thing you can do to clear your energy in a pinch is to get outside.  From a crisis to daily maintenance, it is important to know how to clear your energy field, return to normal, and be able to take grounded action.  If you need to clear yourself off quickly, the best thing you can do is to go outside in nature. This may seem quite simple, but pristine natural landscapes like a valley, river, ocean, or mountain is the purest source to clear your energy and change your vibration. The farther away from humans you can get, and the more pristine the nature, the greater the clearing effect. 

Pristine Nature in the sense of Wilderness is not always easily accessible to our schedule, lifestyle, or location. You can’t always drop everything to drive to the mountains or go to the ocean, but you still can go outside. When you go outside, start breathing in the fresh air, and feel the energy of the trees and animals who live there, it is going to help you neutralize what is going on inside of you. It is grounding and strengthening to your energy field. 

Expanding Your Energy Field

If you don’t exercise or stretch, your muscles become tight and uncomfortable. In a similar way, your energy field compacts over time with everyday interactions, happenings, and the need for empathic protection. When the energy field compacts, it is not reaching to the etheric levels of the crown chakra to access our higher consciousness. When you go outside you are allowing the space for your energy field to stretch and expand.

Helpful Practices for Energy Clearing

We have free access to calm, relax, clear, and change the energy field, just by getting outside.  Here a few ways to access the healing energies of the Earth and increase clearing benefits:

  1. Practice Gratitude. In your intentional practice of clearing, it is important to respect, honor, and thank the Earth for the beautiful gifts we receive from her. Start by thanking the Earth for cleaning your energy field. This practice suggests a belief that clearing is already taking place, and raises your vibration through gratitude. Gratitude is always a great practice to help us change non beneficial thought patterns. After thanking the Earth, can you consider three things, people, or energies you are truly thankful for right now.
  2. Earthing. Placing your bare feet on the earth, handling the soil, gardening, and being around trees are all ways to physically connect with the Earth and allow for clearing.
  3. Meditating Outdoors. Have you even noticed how thoughts naturally quiet and drift away when you’re listening to a natural soundscape such as a rolling stream or birds singing in the forest? You may visualize roots growing from the tip of your spine, down your legs, and into the Earth. Allow any clouded energies to leave the body and enter the Earth. Even better if you practice this visualization with bare feet!

Healing Stones to Help with Clearing

We are so lucky to receive the gift of stones carrying the healing vibrations of the Earth. Placing healing stones in the palms of your hands, in your pockets, or wearing them as jewelry can help assist and maintain a clear aura.

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