Ruby with Zoisite

Ruby Zoisite, also known as Anyolite, is a combination of red ruby growing inside green and black Zoisite. Ruby’s a stone known for passion, motivation, vigor and energy; as well as a shield against psychic attack and protection from vampires of your heart. It promotes positivity on so many levels; including dreams, a state of mind and enthusiasm. Zoisite transmutes negativity into positivity; transforming destructive urges into positive action. It promotes independence, creativity and expression of repressed feelings.     As a combination it stimulates fertility, growth, empathy and enhancement of psychic ability.

It can be used to stimulate and strengthen the visibility of one’s aura, as well as stimulate ability to see auras. The green and red energies connect and balance the heart and root chakras, as well as help with developing a stronger, open-heart chakra. It helps you open to Love of the Divine and allows you to surrender to the will of the Divine.

Cornundum is the second hardest of all minerals and it includes ruby and sapphire.  It promotes insights to the unknown and opens the door to achieve forward movement on one’s path.  It imparts ambition and confidence and enhances intuition and awareness.  It helps to release anger in a positive way; it subdues the emotions and is good for harsh attitudes and irritability.    In addition it brings clarity to the mind while promoting rationality and logic. It helps dissolve negativity and connect with the purity of light and love.  It is a great stone to help set and hold intentions with the regard for personal advancement in peace, self-control and inner happiness.