May 11, 2020

How to Use Crystals, Part 2: In the Home, Workspace, and Car

Crystals for the home, work, and in the car

Learning to use crystals for the home, at work and in the car can transform any space you happen to be in.

As a professional crystal healer and psychic medium, a common question I am asked is, “how do I use my stones for healing and personal development?” Crystals can influence and enrich our lives in a plethora of ways. We are covering these methods in three parts – first, we discussed wearing and carrying crystals. Then, we’ll discover how to use stones to maximize protection, productivity, and positive energy at home, work, and in the car for Part Two.

Placing Crystals Around Home Sweet Home

Crystals are excellent when used around the home. They protect your house and its inhabitants while clearing out negative and stagnant energy. Stones can also draw specific energies, like love or tranquility, into a space.

When placed mindfully around your home, crystals can counterbalance any outside forces in the style of feng-shui. Certain stones can also help shield you from the energy of a busy street, power lines, home electronics, or other electromagnetic frequencies.

You can use the intuitive method when you place crystals around the house. See what specific rooms or purposes you feel called to. An excellent practice is placing your stones in the form of a grid, meaning a group of crystals set with a specific intention.

You can also place crystals around your house and on the borders of your property. If you’re on a budget or own rental property, you can print a picture of the house on Google Earth and grid the image with smaller stones.

Using Crystals At Work

The same idea applies when using crystals in the workspace. However, if you need to hide your stones or share an office, you can program them with a specific intent and keep them in drawers or inconspicuous places. For example, if you’re empathic and find yourself absorbing others’ energy, you can choose stones for clearing and protecting your personal field.

Other uses you might want assistance with are boosting productivity, creating group cohesiveness, or promoting a peaceful space. Always be sure to use stones with positive intent and never on other people without consent. Apply the mindset of highest purpose and best interest to all, with harm to none, when you work with crystals around others.

Crystals On Your Drive

Lastly, place stones in your vehicle to protect you on your journeys. For the directionally challenged, you can use them to help guide you. Specific stones can also keep you present and focused while driving, while others will protect you from car accidents. If theft or break-ins are an issue for you, stones can be used to block these forces.


Crystals for the home
Celestite promotes positive energy for your space.


Crystals for work
Clear Quartz Clusters bring harmony to group environments.


Crystals for the car
Pyrite shields from physical danger, a great choice for the car.

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