March 2, 2020

Harness Your Higher Self: The Crown Chakra

Have you ever noticed that people who feel deeply connected to their spirituality seem more optimistic and at peace with the happenings in their lives? You may be familiar with the attitude: everything happens for a reason. This is an attitude of trust towards life and the universe. Our fundamental belief systems shape our experience of reality. Practicing a connection with your higher self will lead to a trust in divine timing and the perception of challenges in life as lessons. Tuning into a higher consciousness is said to happen both physically and energetically in the crown chakra.

The top chakra is known as Sahaswara or the crown chakra. Sahaswara is our source of enlightenment and spiritual connection to our higher selves, to every being on the planet, and ultimately the divine energy that creates everything in the universe. The basic issues of your crown chakra are wisdom, intuitive knowing, spiritual development, and a universal higher consciousness.

It is through the crown chakra that we may access our deepest belief system about ourselves, life, and our connection to the Divine (or something greater than ourselves). Our core belief systems are shaped by our cultural identity, society as a whole, our gender, and commonly held attitudes. Rather than a limited perspective of our personal story or ego, the crown chakra allows us to take a greater perspective, considering an interdependency with all forms of life.

It is located at the crown of the head – it encompasses the space around your whole head, overlapping energetically over the crown and throat areas. It is above you, behind you, and all the way around, matching up with the auric field of the rest of the chakras below, completing the top of the energy field. The color associated with the crown chakra is violet to white and its element is thought.

Lessons of there Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is known as the thousand petaled lotus, where one opens up to total consciousness; a form of awareness, thinking, and perception. You may begin looking at yourself from a soul perspective, tuning into your spirit helpers and guides, and being lead through life by something bigger, or divine guidance and timing. People who tune into their crown chakra start to experience intuitive insights, “downloads,” or higher knowing. You may soften “black & white,” rigid ideas to a more balanced and open “grey” set of ideals that no one way is correct, but instead that many different forms of perception coexist.

Crown Chakra Blockages
If you dont feel inspired by life, are feeling disconnected, or closed off, the crown chakra is likely blocked. The crown chakra is all about spirit and divine inspiration, and when its energies are flowing freely, you feel a natural alignment with the happenings of life.

Crown Chakra Crystals

Petalite is a popular spiritual stone as it is often referred to as “the stone of the angels”. It not only furthers one’s communication with the angels, it facilitates communication with ancient civilizations, spirit guides and animal totems. It has a deep connection to the spirit realm and using it will advance your personal connection to the spirit realm allowing you to be more “spiritual”. It activates the higher mind and allows the advancement of your consciousness in a gentle way.

Lepidolite assists you in dealing with the issues that arise in life, creating a space to help you manage life’s stresses and stay centered in the process. Lepidolite collects and absorbs negative energies around us and creates beneficial negative ions.

Amethyst is an essential stone for anyone on a spiritual path who is looking to open their intuitive and healing capabilities. It is associated with the crown chakra. It is commonly known as a protective stone, particularly when dealing with spiritual and psychic protection.

Clear quartz can be used for any spiritual pursuit including enhancing psychic abilities, communicating with spirit guides or other beings, channeling, dissolving karma, manifestation, healing, recalling past lives, astral travel and expansion of consciousness just to name a few.

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