Limited-Edition Gifts

Manifestation Set

“What you seek is seeking you.”

Our special edition Manifestation Gift Set supports bringing what is desired into reality. 

With intention, the arrangement of these elements helps to align the energy required to manifest or attract what you desire in your life. 

Manifestation Candle
Hand Molded Incense + Matches
Clearing Mist
Topaz, Ruby, Citrine, Kunzite
Manifestation Card


Serenity Gift Set

Give the gift of relaxation and soothing self love.

Our luxury bath soak is charged with Heart Chakra crystal energy. Premium essential oils infused with florals inspire relaxation and connection to the Divine. Enjoy the calming scents of clove, peony, orange, and cinnamon in our Self Love candle.

Comes in a special gift box.

Crystal Waters Bath Soak
Self Love Candle
Rose Quartz Heart


Gift of Choice Set

Give the gift of choice this holiday with a gift card for shopping premium healing crystals and minerals.

What's Included:

• $50 physical gift card that can be used at the Crystal Shop at Pink Heart Healing.
• A trio of large vinyl crystal stickers

Comes in a special gift box.

$50 Gift Card
Set of Stickers


The Art of Crystal Healing

This Gift Set includes two training series of professional crystal healing:

Introduction to Crystal Healing
Series 1: Professional Crystal Healing

Also included are the printed study guide booklets for each course, as well as three essentials for healers: geode bowl, quartz diamond, pendulum.

Crystal Healing Training Series
Printed Study Guides
Stones for Healers


Beauty On the Go

Crystal charged beauty items to take with you everywhere. This set includes our Constellation facial oil, a scented roller oil infused with Rose Quartz stones, our Rose Patchouli Lip Balm, and an Amethyst point.

Constellation Facial Oil
Rose Patchouli Lip Balm
Rose Quartz Scented Oil Roller
Amethyst Point


Chakra Healing Set

Heal and balance the chakras with stones that align to the energy centers of the body.

Set includes 7 chakra stones (exact stones may vary) and an instructional card that may also serve as a proxy for self of remote healing.

7 Chakra Healing Stones
Chakra Card