How Belief Systems Can Change Your Life

I want to talk today about belief systems and recovering from them. If you’re going through any sort of personal development or spiritual awakening, you may have heard of belief systems. Understanding these constructs is actually very complex, because beliefs shape everything about an individual. A person collects and develops belief systems from the moment they’re born, and the parents have their own too. Generations and generations of belief systems are ingrained within one’s race, country or region they live in, and they are all very specific.

The Thought is a Storyteller

These systems are essentially an ideology or thought pattern/process that a person carries which influences one’s morality and how they walk in the world, what they consider right vs. wrong, one’s spiritual beliefs, roll in society, gender expression, social class and more. Belief systems can be influenced by politics, friends, family and education.

All of these concepts and identities act as stories that each of us are taught to tell ourselves when we are young. Over time, these stories help paint important pictures of who we believe we are supposed to be.

As we each get an understanding of how to navigate through life, our thought patterns become more rigid. The sum of a person’s belief systems could become outdated as they become older. Perhaps they are highly focused on a certain perspective of right vs. wrong, yes or no, or good and bad. As we grow, we start to realize that maybe these rigid perspectives only feel fitting because they propped us up in our adolescence. Our belief systems can become extremely limited and outdated in this way.

Shifting the Pattern

The best way to grow and recover your belief systems is to understand how they are able to limit you in life – and it might be a few reasons! It’s essential to sift through and determine why you think the way you do, how you got to a thought pattern, and what to do with this action that will help you unwind. Habitual responses happen in conjunction with belief systems, which can show us why we behave or think the way we do.

When a person has too many belief systems, it can prevent them from being grounded and present. If you’re always unconsciously functioning off of older and outdated systems, it’s probable you aren’t able to make good, conscious choices. This can only limit your own success and performance in life. It can also make one uncompassionate or unaware of the happenings around them.

The idea is to become more dimensional with the way we look at ourselves and our thoughts. Ask yourself questions like, why do I have this specific ideology? Where did it come from? Start to pull apart these patterns to become a more critical and well-rounded thinker. The truth is, most issues in life are not black-and-white, right or wrong, good or bad. As people, it’s easy for us to arrive at a conclusion about something and never question it again, especially as we’re bombarded with so much information on a daily basis. Things are constantly happening and shifting in the world, yet we expect ourselves to form concrete opinions. Sometimes, it’s better not to form the opinion and instead let it form itself through information that may present itself in different ways.

All Things a Mirror

When we carry outdated belief systems, we may find ourselves frequently bumping up against people and ideas that make us feel uncomfortable. This can be a sign that the universe is showing where a change in ideology is needed. To do this, it’s best to meditate and ask Source for answers or ways to see where your belief systems are limiting you. Set intentions to see these systems clearly in order to change them. You can write these intentions down as you focus on the universal assistance to change ideologies that no longer align with your growing self.

All these things tactics are super useful when you’re trying to grow personally and spiritually. If you truly desire growth, be brave enough to move away from where you came from. Personally, I’ve had a lifetime’s worth of changing my opinions and ideas. Just when I think I know something, I’ll come up against a belief system within myself or the greater whole. This makes me realize how I may be functioning off of outdated information or ideologies. In this way, being aware of belief systems can help a person establish a mindful practice, which in turn helps them grow in a way they’re always wanted and never have before.

When we practice this, we’re often happier, healthier, more compassionate and attractive to things like love and success. Don’t be afraid to look at your belief systems, especially if an area of life just doesn’t ever seem to go or feel right. Chances are, you might have some outdated thought patterns that can be recovered from. Allow yourself to grow and move past these areas, or you may find you become angry at people or information that contradicts the stories you have taught yourself of. Wherever your perception lies or comes from, you’ll move in the direction of your choosing if you have the intention to do so.