July 15, 2013

How Did That Happen?

medium_2411706724You were not paying attention. That’s what happens in life because it sneaks up on you.  You thought you were in touch, on top of life and on your game.  Wrong.   You gained weight, you lost money, you no longer keep in touch with so and so.  You lost track of certain criteria in your life.  So what happened?  Well a few things. Sometimes you just age and grow up and things no longer interest you.  Other times your tastes just change, what you thought was amazing at one time has lost its luster.  Many practices in life are fads, just like anything else.  Some stay ingrained; some go the way of smoking.

However, there are some things happen that make you uncomfortable and you can’t figure out how and why it’s not going away.  You may experience that with weight gain, relationships, or a ritual behavior that is unhealthy.  It is helpful to understand that in life we have patterns and sometimes they can take years to understand.  Think of habits like planets revolving around you, some make a quick revolution and are visible everyday.   These habits are close to your consciousness and they create friction for you everyday.  Some habits take years to turn up, like Pluto. When these habits pop up you may have only a brief time to catch it, but noticing it can change your life.

It is important to understand how we cycle through things and what rate of speed we move.  If you are just starting on your path of self-awareness, this concept may or may not be familiar to you.  It is important to observe and explore how habitual cycles effect your life.  It is good to move into a place of observation and connect to cause and effect. Self observation is a great way to see what triggers you and why do you react in a certain way. Sometimes you may have to observe over long periods of time.  It maybe helpful to keep a journal or take notes so you can see your habits in a new way.  If you are more advanced in your connection to consciousness, you maybe more aware of this process.   Wherever you are on your consciousness spectrum, it is always beneficial to take time contemplating your patterns.  It will benefit you in the long run to know where you stand within yourself.

photo credit: Miss Cartier via photopin cc