April 6, 2020

How to Clean your Crystals, Part 2: With Household Items

As a professional crystal healer and psychic medium, it is one of the questions I am asked the most – how do we keep our stones working optimally? Their gifts to us are powerful, and it’s essential to keep them clean. There are several methods you can use to clean your crystals, but not all of them are easily accessible. If you live far from nature or a metaphysical shop, getting the right tools for cleansing can seem daunting. Have no fear! You likely have a few items lying around your home that are potent cleansers for your stones. I recommend any of the following methods:


A method I love to use is a bowl of salt. It’s simple, powerful, and will work beautifully for years to come. In itself, salt ionizes and neutralizes negative energy – that’s why Himalayan salt lamps are so effective around the home! To clean your crystals, you can use any sea salt or Kosher salt. The great thing is, you never need to change it out or clear it – you can reuse it as many times as you like. 

To Use: With any sea salt or Kosher salt, fill a small bowl and place your crystals directly on top. Leave them overnight. When you rise, your stones will be clean and energized. 

Brown Rice

A great alternative for salt is brown rice, a deeply grounding cleanser for your crystals. Rice will reset your stone to its base frequency with its ability to absorb imbalanced energy. It also helps discard any excess energy that your crystal might carry, which restores your stone to its natural and balanced state.

To Use: Fill a container with brown rice (or any rice available). Set your crystals on top and leave them overnight. You can also bury the stone underneath the rice, if this feels right.


The most accessible tool that we have requires nothing but your intention and visualization. Our thoughts are energy, so keep in mind that your intention will impact the potency of your clearing.

To Use: If you practice with Reiki energy, this is a great method to use. If not, imagine yourself pinching the stones with white light to clear them out. Another method is to blow on the stones using the image in your mind. See yourself blowing negative energy into a bucket or receptacle of white light, or watch the negative energy turn into white light itself.

Tap Water

This method was mentioned in Part 1 of the Crystal Cleaning series. Water is a great method for detoxifying stones. It cleanses and charges – but take caution and know your mineral before you try this method. A beautiful selenite or halite could dissolve in water, hematite could rust, and other specimens could be damaged if soaked.

To Use: Hold your crystals under running tap water or fill a sink or tub and leave them for an overnight soak. For a ritual, time the soak with the moon cycle or program the water.

House Plants or Flowers

Nature offers our stones a potent cleanse, even indoors. Use fresh flowers or house plants to quickly raise the vibration and rejuvenate any crystal. Both the plant chi and dirt will help clear your stones. Your plants will love it too!

To Use: Place your stones in a container filled with fresh flowers and leave until you feel they are ready. Alternatively, you can store the crystals around the base of your potted plants.

Sound Waves

Sound is an incredible force that is almost always accessible! A great way to clear stones is using your voice with the intent to clear through toning, chanting, or singing. You can also use other forms of sound, such as musical instruments, singing bowls, or recordings of healing frequencies, like Solfeggio Hz. 

To Use: Place your crystals in an area where you can sing or music can be played. With strong intent to cleanse, you can chant, sing, or play for your stones. Solfeggio frequencies and other healing tones can be found on YouTube and played on a speaker.