November 4, 2013

Insights on Crystal Healing


I am often asked why work as a crystal healer and the answer is simple, I absolutely love crystal healing.  I have been drawn to crystals my entire life and have always had a special love for them.    Crystal healing proves day in and day out, an all-encompassing modality that works on all levels of one’s being.  From physical to the divine, crystals are unlimited in their gifts and they are always teaching new information.  The wisdom they provide is infinite and they are always willing to help with healing in a session or with personal development.  Whether you have loved crystals since childhood or are very new to the idea of crystals as tools, crystal healing has a benefit for everyone.

Due to their shape, formation and mineral content, crystals are able to connect with the numerous layers of our energy system and physical realties.   Crystals work on the multiple levels of our consciousness and therefore promote healing and positive development in several areas at the same time.  For example, you or your client may be experiencing physical pain; the correct crystal will not only assist with reducing that pain, it can also assist to identify origins of pain, such as stress, grief or fear.  Crystals promote overall growth and a goal of total wellness.

People may be called to use crystals, but often feel unsure or overwhelmed on how to use them.  Crystals have so many different uses that it can be very empowering to learn from professionals and to learn to listen to you own guidance.  Crystals promote a balance between shared wisdom and personal intuition due to their natural formations and their origins within the earth.  When you learn what tools produce which effects, you are able to be more target-oriented with your crystals, promoting a specific feel or effect.

If you are a wanting to practice on others, crystal healing can be central in a session or it can be incorporated into other healing modalities. As with any profession, it is important to study with skilled practitioners to assist you in knowledge and credentials.  It is important to develop an intuitive and empathic skill set with your crystals.  It is also important to develop a basic understanding of the systems of the physical body, different states of the mental and emotional fields as well.  It is useful to have many techniques in the different areas of the human experience to have a well-rounded practice.  Crystals can help provide you with this knowledge and give you confidence to work in a new way.