December 2, 2019

Insights on Intention Setting

Setting intentions is an empowering practice that can change your life. Here are a few helpful tips on making the most of this liberating practice.

Setting intentions is an empowering practice that can change your life when done properly. When used properly intention can greatly enhance your ability to manifest and adds a harmonic control to life’s events. Intentions can be used for everything from the small to the grand and when used regularly, can help alleviate a lot of fear, anxiety and doubtIt is important to learn how to set intentions properly and use the correct language and timing.  It is also important to learn how to use the intention, so you are not over focusing or under manifesting.  

When you work with intentions you are guiding your path in life and positively channeling your energy in life.  One way to look at it is that intention is the seed to which we plant that grows into actualization and manifestation. It is life force from where everything blossoms.  You are moving the flow of energy in the direction in which you would like it to go. It’s not coming from a place of obsessive control, or a place of fear, it is coming from a very positive place. Here are a few helpful tips on making the most of this liberating practice.

Working With Intentions

When you work with intentions it can be very simple or very complex. A simple one to start with is the idea of needing to go to the store during a high traffic time and you need it to go smoothly because you are busy.  A positive intention around this errand could be “I am going to the store; I need a good parking space. I am going to find everything I need quickly. I’m going to be in and out.” These types of intention can direct energy flow and can manifest very quickly. You can use this concept to plan your time and activates so that things work out for you.  You can also set your intention that “things come together with ease.”  This is helpful when dealing with projects.   

You can apply these concepts for bigger aspirations with positive intention to guide yourself through life. You can use larger intentions for life in general such as: meeting your life partner or finding the dream career of your choice. “I am having a happy and peaceful lifestyle,” is an example of these larger life intentionsYou can be fluid in your concept by aligning your intentions to mirror those with your life path or soul’s purpose.   You can set your intention to reach your full potential or optimum destiny.  It’s important to remember that these intentions can take a while and often spur life’s events to align you with those intention. 

Dream Big. Start Small.

For some people who want to set intentions and have big dreams, but those big dreams seem a little scary; you can set smaller intentions that lead to a larger intention. You can use smaller intentions as a steppingstone to a larger intention. You don’t have to make a full on, giant intention right away, that might be too much for some people. For example, I had a client once who really wanted to change her life and be an empowered woman, but that idea was very terrifying for her. So, we started out with the concept of setting the intention “I am able to become stronger to set the larger intention.”   

When you’re trying to change your life and grow, always start with setting intention. It is the beginning seed of manifestation, and it is a form of balanced control over your life.  

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