March 17, 2020

Moonstone and the High Priestess

Often called “the stone of new beginnings,” Moonstone holds the key to integration and harmony within the self. Change is always present in the human experience and can sometimes be difficult to process. With Moonstone, obstacles are diminished and the “ups and downs” of life are more easily dealt with on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. 

Moonstone is an opalescent variety of Orthoclase and ranges from transparent to semi-translucent. She draws you in with a dazzling luster and colors that range from white to peach, alluding to positive self-expression, good fortune, and creativity. Her otherworldly beauty and deep significance is highly valued by shamans, spiritualists, and religious devotees. She moves gracefully as a light in the darkness, but only comes to you when she is ready – not before or after. She is the High Priestess of the Tarot – a beacon of mystery, intuition, nourishment, birth, and flow. Her soft, fluid energy teaches trust in the Universe, bringing sharpened perception and flashes on insight from beyond.

Moonstone is strongly associated with the lunar energy of the moon and the divine feminine. It is the antidote to excessive masculinity in both men and women, promoting receptivity and passivity rather than conflict. Moonstone offers women relief from PMS and troubled menstrual cycles while promoting fertility and restoring the body’s natural biorhythms. It helps release toxins from the body and is excellent for treating shock and trauma. 

Moonstone dances through time and space with unseen wisdom and spills Shakti energy from her heart, connecting you to these traits within yourself. Balance is brought to the Yin Yang energies when Moonstone is paired with a Shiva lingam in meditation, fusing healthy masculine energy with the divine feminine. A stone for mystics and divine beings, she works to make evolved galactic energies accessible. If you wish to cleanse negative energy from the chakras, enhance the feminine aspects of your being, or bring good fortune to your travels, carry Moonstone with you or use her deep, powerful energy in an elixir. 

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