July 16, 2017

My Love affair with Aquamarine

I had received Aquamarine jewelry as gifts since childhood; based on it being my birthstone. Wearing aquamarine as a birthstone was a trend. 

As a professional in 2007, I recall buying several, non-descript chunks from various vendors at a local psychic fair. They were milky to opaque, yet didn’t display any type of termination.

I liked their energy. They felt appealing and gentle, yet strong at the same time; displaying a color like the Caribbean ocean; a rich, blue-green hue where sea meets beach; a forever chased vision for any landlocked mermaid from the Midwest.

Aquamarine seems to embody the energy of the sea; along with a sense of connection to something bigger. Working with it sharpened my psychic skills. As time progressed, a passionate affair was born for this translucent beryl from far away lands.

Yet with all the charming characteristics, working with it stayed in the background until I happened to wander into a mineral dealer’s room from Pakistani, at the Tucson Gem show; where my relationship with aquamarine really changed.

In the Peak Valley minerals room, where dealers Sabir and his brother specialized in specimens from Afghanistan and Pakistan, I found a most valued treasure; a long, thin tube of aquamarine, crystal clear, in a perfect hexagonal formation; with very small fibers of black tourmaline. This piece included a faden tube on the outside, with a very small quartz point, and a tiny spessertine garnet perched on top like a cherry. Perfection.

As my blossoming love for aquamarine grew, I began snatching up specimens, particularly ones with some aspect of hexagonal formation. If they included small garnets, similar to the Pakistani-Afghan minerals, it was a bonus.

During the spring of 2012 I had an experience that opened up full commitment to aquamarine.

At that time was living with a friend who wanted her sociopathic boyfriend to move in. Knowing how super sensitive I am to other people’s energy, especially as a professional psychic, living with a sociopath wasn’t going to cut it; particularly one expressing numerous, loud opinions. I immediately moved in with another friend to insulate myself.

There was a particular piece of aquamarine with garnet I carried all the time. While carrying, received a vision and strong message towards learning to shape shift.

This piece contained a surprisingly, protective quality that helps guard from anyone attempting to drain energy; as no matter what, they will never have our spirit because they can never reach what’s divine. If you’re found struggling or enduring an unfortunate situation, aquamarine helps you remain intact until it’s over.

In addition, aquamarine is noted by Melody as, “a stone of courage”, offering energies of bravery in all pursuits. It can assist the throat chakra by allowing energy to flow towards freely speaking your highest truth, and helps with mental clarity; carrying a calming, relaxing vibe. This energy helps sharpen our intellect towards obtaining information through advanced, spiritual attunement of increasing levels of awareness.

It promotes a stronger relationship with higher self by helping to release limitations and worldly judgments, and is excellent and useful in stimulating psychic abilities; especially for those oversensitive to people, pollutants and situations.

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