December 16, 2019

Orange Calcite for Emotional Healing

Orange Calcite is a personal favorite, it is the stone of emotional healing. When we talk about emotional healing, we are talking about emotional experiences from this lifetime, as well as past lives. Traumas, hurts, pains, and betrayals are stored in the emotional field, and the energy field moves with us from lifetime to lifetime. These emotional imprints in our energy field will eventually manifest as experiences or patterns in this lifetime, this is similar to the idea of karma. If we are harboring layers of emotional trauma from a very long time, it impedes our personal growth and ability to evolve. All of us experience emotional overwhelm, but it is extremely beneficial in our lives to make decisions and actions from a calm and logical mental state. Healing on the level of the emotional body can be quite challenging work, but Orange Calcite is a gentle, yet powerful helper on our journey of personal development.  

What Does Orange Calcite Do?

Orange Calcite is a gentle, yet powerful helper on our journey of personal development.  

Orange Calcite softens the sensation of intense emotions from traumas so that we may gain new insights or a new, more logical perspective of a traumatic event. It helps your emotional body to grow, to evolve, to become sensitive again, more reflexive, empathic, and provides relief. It is a healing stone for the second chakra. Orange calcite is soothing, healing, and calming to the emotions, while it promotes healthy emotional expression.

How To Work With Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite is very special to me, during a meditation I received a very clear message to work with Orange Calcite as the stone of emotional healing.

  1. Any form of Orange Calcite that you prefer is beneficial. I suggest an orange calcite sphere, as the energy radiates gentle in all directions. 
  2. Keep a piece by your bed. Orange Calcite can aid in falling asleep as it gently sooths the emotional body. As you drift into the unconscious during sleep it works to heal and soften past wounds.
  3. Healers, Reiki practitioners, and massage therapists: this is a great stone to work with clients.

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