Past Lives and Gender Identity

I was thinking about a topic to discuss with regard to past lives and something interesting came to me. We live in an extraordinary time right now where people are talking about gender identity more than ever, at least in our historical memory. People desire to be referred to as “they” or “them,” recognize that they don’t feel particularly one way or the other, or feel differently in their physical body than they do mentally or emotionally. We live in a wonderful culture where the freedom to be gay or identify in our own individual ways is becoming more prevalent.

Diversity of the Soul

Growing up, I always felt a little bit different. I inherently knew that I was female yet found a very strong masculine side within myself. When I started to do past life work, I realized how many lifetimes I’ve had being a man or being gay, as well as the quality of my lifetimes being female. After working with clients and doing past life work with others, I understood that the soul has been so many different things – not only different genders, but different races and religions. The soul carries so much diversity. The older the soul, the more diversity it has experienced.

Your soul may find something that it likes. Perhaps it likes to be a woman or prefers a certain religion to practice. In fact, some souls reincarnate multiple times with a similar physical look. The longer you’ve been on Earth and the more incarnations you’ve had, the more identities you have experienced. With this in mind, being one specific gender is not very realistic. Instead, every individual carries different aspects of the self that are masculine and others that are more feminine.

If you’ve been a woman in many lifetimes and it brought you joy, and then you’re born into a lifetime as a man, it might be somewhat uncomfortable or difficult to behave in a masculine way. The same goes for those who have experienced many lifetimes as a man – it’s not so easy to be feminine when you’re born female.

Seeing the Big Picture

We often have to learn what it’s like to exist in certain bodies, meaning we are constantly relearning what gender identity truly means. It becomes even more complex when you add in the societal expectations for each gender within various cultures and different timeframes.

It is a huge part of your soul identity and the greater part of your higher self to understand the fluidity of gender. It’s not necessarily just one thing. You may be born one way, but it’s okay to feel and be something else. It is also very important to learn to incorporate the different parts of your gender identity. For example, I know inherently that I’m female – I feel female and have grown very comfortable being a woman. I also use my masculine energy to prop up my work and to push me forward, meaning I harness it and use it in a different way.

What you want to be able to do is bring the pieces of your identity together to be more fluid and comfortable with yourself on the inside. You can’t be dictated by what society or certain people say you’re supposed to do. Gender identity and understanding how to negotiate that in our world is likely one of the most personal experiences you’ll ever have. It can be difficult, so if you know someone who is struggling with this, be compassionate and empathetic with them. It can be a hard struggle and just because certain people don’t understand it, doesn’t make it wrong. Oftentimes it is actually wonderful and very enlightening.