Crystal Healing and Energy Anatomy

April 27-29  Friday Evening, Saturday and Sunday
Cincinnati, OH
Cost is $400

Have you studied crystal healing but would like to learn more?  This class is for the practitioner who would like to expand their Crystal Healing skills and depend their knowledge of the human energy field.  This is an advanced course meant for people who have an interest in working with clients, however the information can be beneficial to the individual.  The material covered in this course will based on the information on my forthcoming book on the human energy field.  You will be presented with text and images for reference plus demonstration and practice time for all exercises.  Crystal tools will be available for purchase after the course.

Techniques included:

  • Optimizing the flow of the chakras
  • Creating new pathways of thinking
  • Pulling oppression from cells
  • Deepening emotional release from the body
  • Bringing love into the organs
  • Softening the energy field
  • Advanced work with the eyes and ears

If you would like to sign up for this course or have questions, please contact me at [email protected]