Crystal Healing Techniques Vol 1

Crystal Healing Techniques – Volume 1
City Park North, Denver, Co

January 19-20 2019

10-5 Saturday and Sunday


Are you a healing practitioner who would like a new and effective way to incorporate crystals into your healing practice?  This weekend is the completion and certification of Crystal Healing techniques Vol 1, an original manual co-authored and exclusively taught by me in Denver.  This is a great course for those who would like to deepen their knowledge of not only crystal healing, but also the human energy field.

This workshop is suited to anyone who would like to learn effective crystal healing techniques using affordable tools. Techniques will be demonstrated then practiced under the supervision of the instructor. All techniques are set out in writing, step-by-step, and a printed manual will be provided. Crystals are provided for use and for purchase after.

Certifications are provided when all of Vol 1 has been completed

Techniques you will learn: 

Basic Detox, Basic Anti-Inflammatory,

Opening the Channels, Salt Detox, Clearing Cellular Backlog,

General De-Cording, Retrieving Cords from Self to Others

Calming the Nervous System, Brain Wave Balancing,

Emotional Balancing, Clearing Etheric Scar Tissue

Reintegrating the Seventh Layer of the Energy Field,

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