Prehnite Bling!

Without realizing it, have always held a fascination with Prehnite. Being a great lover of crystal jewelry, have incessantly and unconsciously shopped for original, unique pieces my entire life.  Am not sure where I purchased my first piece of prehnite jewelry but the one that stands out is a beautiful bracelet; made of silver and large, polished prehnite cabs.

I remember standing in the grand bizarre in Istanbul in 2006 where this was purchased. This legendary market place is a true crossroads of this world; so large it has its own zip code, and filled to the brim with unlimited, exotic treasures.  After spending tireless hours in this maze of exotic commerce; emerged with a fine, yellow-green bracelet. It took me years to figure out it was prehnite.

The next notable mention came out of a trip to South Africa several years later while shopping in the magnificent showrooms of the legendary Craftstones. Of all the cases filled with stunning examples of the mineral kingdom, found a piece I couldn’t live without. When asking, was told it was a stunning cat’s-eye, prehnite with zircon.

During this purchase became aware of the repeated tendency to purchase prehnite and began wondering why. There are far more beautiful stones available in a wide array of colors other than this odd yellow-green hue. Deeper research into this personal mystery uncovered how this stone carries certain characteristics that not only makes it appealing to anyone, yet most especially to someone who has created a personal and professional lifestyle in mysticism.

Upon further investigation of prehnite, found it’s most known to provide an inner sense of calm by adding a strong protective, shielding energy amongst it’s ability to help bring accurate predictions and premonitions.

The most common phrase in reference to “inner-knowing” that becomes available with prehnite, is the one that states it being a “stone for dreaming and remembering” in the book, (Melody, 2007, p 586).

Was also struck by another reference about prehnite in the book by (Simmons, 2005, p297), “Linkage of the third and fourth chakra…the heart produces a far more powerful electromagnetic field than the brain…when the will (third chakra) is harnessed to the heart’s field, one can direct attention anywhere…and one’s energy field becomes a broadcast beacon. I’ve found this statement has helped define my career over the last ten years.

When people think of healing crystals, prehnite is not the first crystal that comes to mind. It’s doesn’t have the most accessible energy, and without being totally blunt in its properties, we have to allow prehnite to unfold; yet it is a crystal for developing powers, harnessing magic and digging deeper into the great mystery that’s us.

It can alleviate nightmares, phobias and deep-seated fears, bringing harmony to our environment with it’s calm, protective shielding.  It can also connect us safely to other worldly beings; such as angels, guides and aliens.   If you have any interest in developing your gifts, either on a personal or professional level, I would recommend this sleeper hit of a crystal, it has supported me through tremendous growth. It can do the same for you.