Quartz and the Human Energy Field – A Workshop for Healers


Are you interested in professional crystal healing? In this class, we are going to discuss clear quartz as a quintessential healing tool. Check out the description below to find out more!


Crystal Healing Online Workshop

This online crystal healing course is designed for beginner to intermediate students and professionals but is open to people of all skill levels. You are welcome to join even if you are not a professional crystal healer and just want to better understand this incredible mineral.

Quartz is an ancient tool for crystal healing and is a quintessential tool for professional healers. It is one of the most abundant minerals on the planet. If you are an aspiring or professional crystal healer, quartz is an essential tool to understand.

Quartz is often one of the first crystals we purchase, and many of us have had an experience with it “teaching” us in some way. In this class, we will focus on clear quartz:

  • how to use it as a tool to send energy
  • how it reacts with the human energy field
  • and how you can apply it to healing clients
  • how various formations can work differently
  • how to maximize the potential of various formations in a healing session

This workshop-style class is approximately two hours long, featuring:

  • discussions
  • question and answer
  • a live demo
  • a mediation

The class is taught by Pink Heart Healing founder Beth Ann Kennedy, professional crystal healer, psychic medium, and intuitive coach.


Classes will be held over Zoom. Once you have registered for the class, you will be sent an email link to enter the class. Class Registration closes 30 minutes before class begins. Classes can be attended on a computer, tablet, or phone. If you plan on using your phone or tablet, please download the Zoom app first. The classroom opens 15 minutes before the start of class. If you are worried about logging on, please do so early in case you have issues.


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