Gem and Flower Elixir
Gem and Flower Elixir
Gem and Flower Elixir
Gem and Flower Elixir

Gem Elixir Set #1

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A trio of Gem Elixir samples with an accompanying booklet. Each elixir is in a 1-dram glass vial with a dropper. Included:

Pleasant Delight: Pulsatia & Purple Fluorite
Charged under the Scorpio Super Full Moon (2020)

There is a soothing energy that comes with this essence. It is noticeable immediately, with hints of joy and calm.

Purple fluorite is a master of the unconscious and anemone pattens (pulsatia or wildflower) from high elevations of the Rocky Mountains has been traditionally known as a nervine and also to aid in panic attacks. This combination can lead to a path of mastery over your reactions, which is really a form of Zen.

We need to learn to take things in stride and to not get upset about things that are out of our control. Many of our triggers have formed over time, even across lifetimes. They can become exhausting.

For the empath, it is not necessary to feel everything all the time. It can be useful to learn to discern what is worth energy spent and what is not. Being able to recognize what might upset you is a form of personal power. It brings maturation of the self.

Being present during a trigger so you can choose to observe over respond is a hallmark of personal growth and development. Not to mention, a form of mature wisdom. Energetic Strength: gentle and consistent

Purple Thistle and Elestial Calcite
We all have a path in life, though we know not where it leads. Once you find your path, it is important to stay the course, even if uncertain. Be devoted and trust your intuition. This allows us to grow into better versions of ourselves. Thistle teaches us to devote ourselves to our goals and to stick with them. Elestial calcite allows us deeper understanding of themes and motives. It offers personal insight and the opportunity to grow with empowerment so we can arrive at our destination with success.

Life is filled with ups and downs and fraught with uncertainty, however, you must devote yourself to the journey and trust your intuition, even in the face of disappointment. Energetic Strength: Medium to Strong 

Mullein & Lodalite Quartz
Charged under the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse (2018)

Don’t just go for your dreams– conquer them. The energies of drive,
determination, creativity, fierceness, taking control of your destiny, and total
success lives in this essence. If you have fear, are faint of heart, lack drive
or confidence this elixir will help you get out of your own way and on the
track of success. The motivation that comes through here is infectious. What
you seek radiates in all you do. Struggling with performance? Uncertain of
direction? This essence can straighten you out.

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