Gem Elixir Set #2
Gem Elixir Set #2
Gem Elixir Set #2
Gem Elixir Set #2

Gem Elixir Set #2

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A trio of Gem Elixir samples with an accompanying booklet. Each elixir is in a 1-dram glass vial with a dropper. Included:

Purple Columbine & Purple Fluorite

Trust your voice. It is good. The ability to speak your truth, articulate what is in your heart, and understanding the timing to speak is an art form. This skill does not come naturally to everyone. This essence supports the confidence to speak and be heard. Strength comes from using our voice. It’s not always about the words, but speaking well in a timely way. This essence will aid those who to use their voice and those who desire more sophisticated speech. Read and align with the energy of the room. This would also help aspiring singers to hone their gifts and find a rhythm. Energetic strength: Gentle to Medium

Yellow Yarrow & Raw Brazilian Citrine
There is a no-nonsense element to this elixir, and if you need to be focused and efficient, it is for you. This elixir is about organization, productivity and results. Our time and energy is precious– the older you get, the more you learn not to waste it. See who and what is wasting your energy and make decisions needed to deal with it. Be honest with yourself and eliminate the obstacles with necessity and action over divine intervention but by necessity and action. This elixir is very mental, efficient and analytical. Strength: Medium.

Marigold & Purple Scapolite
Charged under the Scorpio New Moon

Inside of you exists the energy of your ancestors. You are a manifestation of
them– with that comes their energies: the good, the bad, and the unknown. Their joy, suffering, success and failures, kindness, and narcissism reside in you. Your Greater soul tempers much of this experience. Even so, it is essential to shed and atone for what has been passed down. Our Marigold and Purple Scapolite essence calls in the energy of the ancestors and offers healing and release for whatever suffering of theirs you may carry, including from ancient generations. Strength: Medium

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