Gem and Flower Elixir
Gem and Flower Elixir
Gem and Flower Elixir
Gem and Flower Elixir

Gem Elixir Set #3

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A trio of Gem Elixir samples with an accompanying booklet. Each elixir is in a 1-dram glass vial with a dropper. Included:

Black Petunia & Moonstone
Charged under the Scorpio New Moon

Moonstone carries the vibration of mystery, the goddess, and the unconscious. Black Petunia is about finding joy, inspiration, anda fresh perspective in a magical way. The Scorpio New Moon allows us to go to the depths of the hidden mysteries of the Self. This essence pulls us to the depths of the unconscious. It presents a peaceful void where you may find a tranquil reset– or, perhaps, a hidden truth. Use in ceremony, spell casting, and setting intentions. Energetic Strength: Medium to Strong

Black-Eyed Susan & Sodalite
Charged under the Scorpio New Moon

Sometimes more than deep healing or change, we just need support to get through the day. This essence helps you feel functional, alert and present. As an energetic adaptation, it puts us in a balanced state to manage the essentials of our lives. It is gentle, direct, and clearing. Great for productivity and endurance. Black Eyed Susan and Sodalite are known for clearing, releasing and grounding. Leads to focus, clarity and practicality.  

It is not recommended to exceed the suggested dosage of this elixir. Overuse could be over- stimulating. Energy Strength: Gentle, but Effective. (Can be used acutely or long-term)

Fuschia Snapdragon & Red Rhodonite
Charged under the Scorpio New Moon

It is said there is no greater truth than in the heart. When we let the heart speak, it can reveal infinite mysteries of the self. This elixir goes directly to the heart center, opening it to truth and wisdom. If you have a closed or broken heart, this elixir may be intense at first. With heart numbness, you may even experience physical pain. If the pain becomes intense, minimize the dosage.

Truth lies in your heart and guides your path. Honor your heart and its wisdom. For those whose inner child needs healing, the messages from the heart may be confusing. Realizing what are unconscious whims vs heart-centered guidance is all part of life’s greater lessons.

In anything this essence may help with inner confusion and the energy of feeling pulled in may direct. It can help with decision making, trusting inner guidance and self-empowerment. It can stimulate passion and direction and gently ground you in your body. Energy Strength: Medium

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult a qualified practitioner prior to use, especially if pregnant, nursing or taking prescription drugs.