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Cavansite is a rare mineral usually found on a bed of other zeolite minerals such as Apophyllite. The color ranges from blue-green to indigo blue, and it carries calming vibrations and helps activate and align the three higher Chakras.

Cavansite is very stimulating for psychic abilities and intuition. It can aid in dreaming and understanding dream imagery as it attunes to the frequencies between dimensions and beings. Working with this mineral can help strengthen agility in dreams by enhancing lucidity and awareness while in other realms. As a 'stone of memory,' it helps the body remember information received during astral travel and channeling. Associated with the Third Eye, Cavansite also enhances clairvoyance, visioning, and insight.

This stone merges physical, mental, and emotional bodies to work together by offering calm vibrations and releasing faulty thinking and negative beliefs. It also releases endorphins and supports positive, healing integrations throughout the whole body. It is an excellent stone to use during meditation, providing clarity and rejuvenation for the mind. 

Country of Origin: India