Instagram Uvarovite Garnet #4 for angelakekahuna

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Garnet, Green – Excellent for natural and abundant manifestation. Paired with visual intention, this stone is an effective tool for bringing visions into physical reality—eager confidence and motivation to make things happen when working with this mineral. Green Garnet is a stone of prosperity and wealth in all positive aspects. Financial, creative, emotional, and physical abundance is the foundation of this stone’s purpose.

It can open and cleanse the Heart Chakra, enhance vitality and increase a zest for living. This stone’s green energies plant the seeds of prosperity and well-being in the energy fields of all who contact the user. Alluring synergies of green garnet uplift all concerned. It is said to ‘infect’ one’s company or coworkers with optimistic and prosperous vibrations.

Andradite var. Demantoid and may contain diopside on matrix 

Location: Belqeys Mountain, Takab County, West Azerbaijan,