Instagram iridescent Fluorite #1 for Tita

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Fluorite - is a mineral that makes order from chaos and aligns you with your higher truth. It is phenomenal in planning and helping you to understand all aspects of any quest, be it personal, professional, or spiritual. It diffuses disorganized and disruptive energy and growth and replaces it with calm, rational, detached reasoning and unbiased impartiality.

It has been noted as a stone for discernment and aptitude and lends to a systematic intuition, high mental achievement, and limitless exploration of the mind. It increases the ability to concentrate and is very balancing for the mind. This is very stabilizing not only for mental pursuits but also for relationships, groups, and personal endeavors.

It is very protective on a psychic level and tunes you into others’ mental and psychic manipulation tendencies. It can help with spiritual awareness and heightens intuitive abilities. It can connect you with the unconscious. It clears the aura and is effective against electromagnetic and geopathic stress. It encourages optimum health and intellectual and emotional well-being. It is purifying and cleansing and eliminates all disorders of the systems.