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Tiffany stone is an unusual mineral that only comes from one area in Western Utah. The color ranges from purple, blue, and tan to white.  It is primarily composed of fluorite, opal, calcite, bertradite, dolomite, beryllium and quartz and is also called opalized fluorite. Some sites list that it is only calcite, fluorine and common opal.  It is a physically complex mineral and its energetic properties are also intricate as well, so much so that it's fine details can be difficult to discern.

It is definitively associated with the crown Chakra, and carries a spiritual energy of awareness and evolution.  It will help you when needing insight of a spiritual nature, figuring out the “why” in the sense of the big picture and your role within it all.  Energetically it can have similarities of an opal, but it also carries the idea of being a false opal, and the vibration that things are not what they seem.  It can help you to dig a little deeper under the surface and to see what is hidden with regard to cause and effect. 

This mineral will also help you to understand time, not in a human way but in the understanding of time as a maze and a map to greater understanding.  It also helps to reveal hidden truths and lost understandings.  It is particularly good in this application when applying it to business, as it can illuminate areas where one needs to make different decisions with regards to issues such as spending, employment and policies. 

It is a good stone for a time traveller, helping you to access the before or after, mainly through conscious projection. There is an element of this stone that is very calming, soothing and relaxing to the mind.  It aids in meditation. Whether it is calming the mind or seeking psychic wisdom, this stone can do a little bit of both. 

It can be used to unblock meridians and would be supportive with osteoporosis and calcifications.  It would also help support healing in the eyes and ears, but more research is needed in what way.  It has also been suggested to support the libido and encourage the rise of sexual chi and thus given the nickname “purple passion”.