Purpose and Purity with Emerald

Emerald is a very famous member of the Beryl family. While most of us are used to seeing emerald in beautiful high-end jewelry, it also comes in many metaphysical grades. As a member of the Beryl family, it has an immediate soothing, calming and aligning affect. Many people use it for healing, although it recently told me of a different quality that I want to talk about – finding your divine life’s purpose!

The True Emerald City

Emerald is a wonderful stone for those who are trying to figure out what career they desire or want they want to accomplish. Whether you’re a student looking for a new career, an adult who needs a professional change, or someone who simply needs guidance in what their work is meant to achieve, Emerald is the stone for you. Working with this crystal will help you to see, feel and intuit your divine life’s purpose.

Emerald attracts and assists those who want to do something in alignment with their spirit. This doesn’t necessarily mean a job that’s in service – what you came here to do, your purpose, could be anything! An interesting idea that I also received from Emerald is that it works with “purity”. This means that you can do whatever it is that you came here to do, no matter how this work is viewed by others (or yourself). This stone will help you do what genuinely feels good, in a healthy and unburdened way that doesn’t cause harm. Finding your life’s purpose will become a very healthy, pure and holistic journey with the help of Emerald.

To work with this crystal, carry, wear or meditate with it. If you are a seeker or feel that you don’t know why you’re here and are struggling to find purpose, using Emerald and working with the energy of Emerald will help you to get closer to the path of where you need to be.