Pyrite for Protection from EMF’s

The bright and shiny Pyrite carries much more than meets the eye. It’s seen in all kinds of jewelry, gift shops and museum stores, as it’s alluring golden color makes it a highly popular stone. However, unlike its alternative name “fool’s gold”, this crystal isn’t for any fool – it generates wealth, abundance and positivity. One aspect I want to focus on today is Pyrite’s ability to simultaneously ground and protect its user.

The Influence of EMFs

Being ungrounded is a common experience and big issue for many people. We become ungrounded for a variety of reasons, which can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint. You can use various stones for specific types of grounding. In this case, Pyrite is a highly effective stone for grounding if you have been affected by EMFs, or electromagnetic frequencies. In today’s world, the influence of EMFs on the body is becoming a growing concern for many people, as we are literally surrounded by these frequencies. They come from our cell phones, computers, Wi-Fi connections and all types of electronic devices. EMFs are like invisible power lines which can “run through” many things that surround them. They affect and potentially distort the human body and energy field, including our cells, organs and tissues. As this information comes to the surface, so is a growing concern over the physical and energetic damage that EMFs can potentially cause. Have no fear – That’s where our beloved Pyrite comes into play!

The Value of Fool’s Gold

Pyrite’s ability is two-fold, because it not only grounds the user back into their physical body, but also helps align, stabilize and clear the human energy field. My healing work has shown me that people who are on computers or working with electronics all day can become ungrounded simply from using electronics. Pyrite’s abilities have an especial effectiveness when working with distorted or negative energy radiating from EMFs. When you use this stone, it acts as a protective barrier and grounding agent at the same time. If you’re a healing practitioner, this is also a fabulous crystal to use on a client who has an affliction. Pyrite is a universal stone that is great to use even if you’re someone who simply wants to feel grounded in their body and around their home. If your home includes a lot of electronics (as most of ours do), placing Pyrite around the house can help protect yourself and loved ones from electromagnetic frequencies and any harmful effects. Wear this mineral in jewelry, carry it with you or meditate with it to experience its grounding and protective magic. You could also consider placing a piece near your work desk, computer or nightstand next to your phone.

Pyrite for grounding from EMFs.