December 19, 2019

Rose Quartz for Unconditional Love & Healthy Boundaries

Rose Quartz is well known as the stone of unconditional love. When you connect with unconditional love, you are connecting with a universal force that is larger than any one of us. The concept of unconditional love is a challenging one. We’re all practicing loving unconditionally to the best of our ability, so be gentle with yourself as we’re all learning together. Here are some concepts on putting unconditional love into practice with healthy boundaries. 

Often on a spiritual path, we can forget to include ourselves in our expression of compassion. A fundamental truth is that we are only able to offer love for others as deeply as we have first offered love to ourselves. When you love yourself unconditionally, what you are really saying is that you accept yourself. You accept the pieces in the light, and the pieces in the shadow. You are able to show yourself love no matter what the situation, while ultimately working towards personal growth and expansion. When you make a mistake, you can choose to acknowledge that you are learning on your soul path. This kind of self-forgiveness is not an excuse, but rather an expression of unconditional self love, with a greater commitment to making a more positive choice in the next lesson.

When considering unconditional love in the context of loving others, the most balanced way to practice is love with healthy boundaries. Many of us have experienced being over helped. If we fall into the practice of over-helping, we may be tempted to offer unwanted advice, which can actually direct someone off their natural course. This can often be the case with parenting. One can instead practice love by offering support, but at the same time allowing space to allow a loved one to be their own person.  Through this practice we can support loved ones to grow strong with their choices. Supporting healthy boundaries is acknowledging when you’re actually harming a loved one by over helping, and instead offering space for a loved ones own personhood.

Working with Rose Quartz

When you work with rose quartz, you can ask for its help in understanding a healthy balance for helping and having boundaries with others. You may carry a tumbled stone in your pocket, wear it on a pendant, or hold a palm stone or sphere during meditation. Rose quartz It brings compassion and love to the self and others simply by carrying it, wearing it on your body or placing it around your home. It assists you to open your heart and improves the flow of energy in your body. It allows you to understand your limits and understand the importance of boundaries. 

Are you giving too much? Learn healthy boundaries with Rose Quartz.
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