Signs from Above: The Importance of Asking for Divine Guidance

Asking for and receiving “signs” has become a universal practice. Getting a sign is like a nod from the universe (or Spirit or God or however you perceive the source to be). It often means you are on the right path or something is correct for you, acting like divine validation of what you wonder about. In this context, people from all walks of life receive signs. They give us the validation of support and being connected to something bigger than ourselves, helping us to move forward especially when feeling low or uncertain. Working with signs and bumping up against them in your practice more frequently can be a super important indicator – not only in making better choices, but also feeling more connected to something bigger.

Not a One-Size-Fits-All

There’s different types of signs and many different reasons people want them. Some people want signs from a loved one who has crossed over for reassurance that they’re okay, while others want confirmation of the choices they are making. Some people desire validation that the people around them are okay or not okay to be around.

Wanting a sign can come especially when you have to make a hard decision to make that may not necessarily be socially acceptable, or one that has a big impact on yourself or family. At a point like this, getting a sign is one of those things that can happen to you if you ask and pay attention. It could be as small as a hawk that flies over you or finding a feather on a walk. A sign could also be “big” and feel like a strong current of energy moving through the body, giving you a sense of knowing something. People also gravitate toward mystical numbers – the 111, 1234, 888, etc. There are numerology people, those who see things in dreams and then watch the scene unfold in waking life, and those who experience Déjà vu – all being signs that you’re on the right path. Déjà vu is especially telling. If you feel a moment is something that’s already occurred, it’s 100% a big sign.

Ask and You Shall… you know the rest!

Signs sometimes happen naturally, and other times occur when a person explicitly asks. It’s a nice balance of both. Personally, I like to allow Spirit to intervene in my life and show me things or really let me know that something’s coming, such as an important day. I pay attention to animals, those are big ones for me, but sometimes it’s images. Odd synchronicities lineup to show me what direction to go, and sometimes I have to ask for this.

Usually, meditation is how I get my information. However, asking for a sign in the way that feels most comfortable to you is very important. It’s also essential to be very clear in what you’re wondering about. General questions like “show me I’m on the right path” can often result in slow answers, so be specific! You could also get a sign about separate issues, like an answer to a relationship problem, career path or spiritual path, rather than one big response. Give the universe a better opportunity to work for you by knowing what to ask for.

You don’t want to be overly specific, especially if you’re very into details or experience OCD tendencies. It’s just about deciding where you are and what needs to be on the ballot when you ask for a sign.

Always Go Within

Remember to truly pay attention to what works for you, even if you have a friend that sees numbers or animals all the time. Those methods might not be the best for you, so pay attention to where your own signs may be and what you may experience spontaneously. It doesn’t have to be one thing – there are physical and energetic signs. For example, when I’m giving a reading and a deceased relative wants to come through, I often see a flash of light next to the person and realize there’s someone who wants to talk with my client. Always find the thing that works for you.

Finally, I want to note something important to consider. It’s wonderful to ask for signs and develop a relationship with the universe, but it’s also essential to listen to the intuition inside yourself. Sometimes we can go too far and seek externally too often, making almost anything into a “sign.” Learn to really listen during your experiences – the stronger a true sign, the more your body reacts to it. The more you are able to feel something, the easier it is to avoid asking for signs about every single thing. Try not to avoid the facts of the situation. It’s important not to become ungrounded or unpractical – you want a nice balance between being grounded in physical reality and having a foot in the spiritual realm. Working with signs truly is this middle ground.