Mother's Day Gift guide

Crystals for the many aspects of Mother

💗 Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide is Here 💗 Mother’s Day is a day where we come together to honor the women who have shaped our lives. Our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and mother figures are at the core of our incarnation, and our relationship with them is at the center of our being. With this[…]

How Belief Systems Can Change Your Life

How Belief Systems Can Change Your Life

I want to discuss belief systems and the ways we can recover from them. Let’s walk through how updating and revising your belief systems can change your life. If you’re going through a period of personal development or spiritual awakening, you are most likely familiar with the concept of “belief systems.” However, understanding the constructs[…]

Lepidolite for Over thinkers

The Over-Thinker’s Remedy: Lepidolite

What is the most important stone in crystal healing? I am frequently asked this question. Many want to know which mineral holds the most power, is the most useful, or will take a person the farthest. Questions like these are not easy questions to answer because the answers differ for everyone. Each person is uniquely[…]


Pyrite for Protection from EMF’s

Pyrite for Protection from EMFs Beth Ann Kennedy discusses how PYRITE is used for protection from EMFs. Pyrite is a bright, shiny crystal that carries more than meets the eye. Its alluring gold color makes it a popular stone.  Pyrite can be found in all kinds of jewelry, gift shops, and museum stores.  Unlike its[…]

Amethyst Sphere

Amethyst and the Path to Divine Purpose

Amethyst and the Path to Divine Purpose The beauty of amethyst is enchanting for many people. Its shade of purple is stunning, and healers and crystal lovers alike value its broad accessibility. This abundant mineral comes out of the Earth in abundance. You can find amethyst in jewelry, specimen pieces, sculptures, and at every gem[…]

How to Practice Radical Self-Acceptance

Let’s discuss radical self-acceptance. I’d like to show you ways to incorporate this practice into your life, and how simple changes can make lasting change towards a more positive life experience. How often have you said to yourself, “Once I ___ (make more money, lose weight, move locations, etc.), I’ll be happy”? This conditional thought[…]

Why Tourmaline is the Empath’s Best Friend

The Empath and Black Tourmaline Empaths and Black Tourmaline go hand in hand. The unique properties of this stone help provide protection for emotionally sensitive people. So, let’s see if you are empathic! Does you walking through a crowd of people drain you? Can you feel when another person suffers? Do people often come to[…]

How to Use Crystals, Part 3: During Sleep

Did you know that crystals can initiate healing and personal development even while we sleep? During sleep, our bodies are motionless, but our minds are still flowing with the external and internal worlds we engage with. Learning to use your crystals during sleep can give you all the benefits of crystal energy while your body[…]