June 22, 2013

The Ascended Masters and You

medium_4440609236There is a great collective of ascended beings to help you; they connect to you via intuition or astral projection.  Some of us are able to connect to them directly, while some need a channel to hear their words and learn their teachings.  Whichever way works for you is fine, there is no right or wrong in this process.  You might understand that there is a group of divine beings who transmit messages to the planet, but wonder how that relationshipworks.  Do you connect to all beings or only specific ones?  This blog will explain a few things about the ascended masters and your relationships with them.

First it is important to understand your soul is eternal. It existed before you were born and will continue after you die.  The version of your soul you know to be human is actually a small portion of a larger whole. That larger whole exists in multiple dimensions and realities and you are connected to that via your psychic centers, inner being, and dream states.  Your human experience, i.e. your third dimensional reality, is actually a very small portion of your being,  but your connection to it is so strong because of the overwhelming influences of your five senses.  Your human- 3D side can take over, which causes many people to get so lost in their human reality, they become disconnected from spirit.

When you start to release from the false reality of human existence, you become more aware of yourself and the world around you.  You begin to grow and learn to have experiences that support your eternal nature.  You may experience being more psychically conscious or might begin to have intense spiritual awakenings.  You will begin to feel connected to something bigger and start to explore yourself in new ways.  It is at this time that you are growing in to the fullness of your spirit.  This is a very fertile time where you can cultivate or advance a relationship with the ascended masters.  You may seek them out directly, or you may ask for words of wisdom or advice while you sleep.

If you are just opening on your path, working with these high vibrational beings may seem to be a bit overwhelming.  It can take time for you to feel comfortable with their vibration or even the idea that there are a group of evolved beings that want to share their love and wisdom with you.  Fear not,

if it is in your highest interest you will develop a relationship with them and it will be cultivated with mutual trust and understanding.The best way to begin is with intention that their higher wisdom come into your life.

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photo credit: Jhong Dizon | Photography via photopin cc