July 1, 2020

Why Tourmaline is the Empath’s Best Friend

The Empath and Black Tourmaline

The Empath and Black Tourmaline

Empaths and Black Tourmaline go hand in hand. The unique properties of this stone help provide protection for emotionally sensitive people. So, let’s see if you are empathic!

Does you walking through a crowd of people drain you? Can you feel when another person suffers? Do people often come to you for advice? Do narcissistic people always show up in your life? What about having vivid dreams, or a deep connection with animals?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are likely an “empath”!

Emotional Anatomy 

Empaths have a highly developed emotional body that functions as part of the intuition. It’s an advanced part of emotional anatomy that is both sensory and absorbent. Simply put, you physically sense the energy of others and take it on yourself.

Empaths frequently feel the emotions of others. Consequently, feelings begin to overlap. Not knowing where your energy field ends and another’s begins can be confusing.

Just as your physical body, your energy field absorbs through touch or digestion. This is true of negative and positive energy. We are often predisposed to one or the other.

As natural-born healers, empaths readily absorb the full range of feeling from other. This can include pain, sadness, anger, grief, just to name a few.

Absorbing an intense amount of energy can make you feel tired, mentally drained, sad, or even physically sick, especially as it’s easy for empaths to lose track of their own self. However, these foreign emotions are often not your own – they belong to someone else.

Empaths tend to be overly compassionate. Learning boundaries, saying no, and identifying what is not in your best interest can be challenging but essential lessons.

So, daily rituals for detoxing and recharging are essential for the empath who wishes to clear and protect their own energy. 

Black Tourmaline is The Empath’s Ally

Black Tourmaline is one of the best recommendations for empathic protection and clarity. Subsequently, it is an incredible stone is a favorite for beginners and advanced crystal practitioners alike.

Black Tourmaline has strong protective qualities and acts as an energetic vacuum cleaner, driving away disharmony and negativity from yourself and your surroundings. In addition, it is also very balancing to all aspects of the energy systems, the hemispheres of the body, and the mental and emotional aspects of the self.

Black Tourmaline promotes profound self-awareness and personal growth. Along with its many uses, it is also plentiful, coming from places like Brazil, Africa, Pakistan, and Maine in the U.S. Available in many forms, Black Tourmaline can be purchased natural, polished, tumbled, or included within other minerals. 

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