The Over-Thinker’s Remedy: Lepidolite

What is the most important stone in crystal healing? This is a question I am frequently asked. Many want to know which mineral holds the most power, is the most useful, or will take them the farthest – all of which are not the easiest questions to answer because it truly differs for everyone. Every individual is affected differently by stones, making some crystals highly important for some and not as much for others. However, if there is one mineral or healing stone that I think the majority of people can benefit from, it has to be Lepidolite.

Stone of the Over-Thinker

Lepidolite is found within the mineral Mica, making it very thin and flaky. It has a beautiful purple color due to an inclusion of lithium. Many pieces are polished, although Lepidolite in jewelry or raw will help you just as well. The reason this stone is so incredible is because it is the crystal of the chronic over-thinker – its words, not mine! If you ever struggle with anxiety, have racing thoughts or can’t clear your mind (and let’s be real, that’s the majority of us), Lepidolite is the stone for you. Many of us can relate in feeling some sort of anxiety – we may have been born with it, it could be learned behavior from someone in our life, or it could stem from experiencing trauma. Whether said anxiety is acute or severe, this stone is beneficial to you some way.

The Purple Potion

Lepidolite relieves feelings of nervousness, negative thoughts, and calms the user during panic attacks. Will it change your life? Possibly. Is it the end-all solution to the problem? Probably not. But it very well will can help you calm down and begin to manage things, along with providing much needed comfort.

I can’t stress enough how special Lepidolite is. I highly recommend anyone to wear it or sleep with a piece by your bed. I hold this mineral in my hands while I sleep and have used it on numerous clients. When people come in for a session with me, I place a piece of Lepidolite on their third eye and notice an immediate calming effect. When the body and mind are able to relax, it’s much easier to figure things out. Therefore, this stone is a catalyst for insights, awareness, and a realization of the importance in letting go and moving forward. If you experience any type of anxiety or nervousness, or simply want to try working with crystals, you’ll want Lepidolite in your toolbox. Even if it’s difficult for you to feel crystals (check out my video on why people do or don’t feel stones), Lepidolite is guaranteed to help you in some way.

Lepidolite for Anxiety and Chronic Over-Thinking