There is Something Divine about Pink Tourmaline

The first encounter with Pink Tourmaline was during a difficult time in my life; was feeling forlorn after undergoing disappointment from unrequited love, coupled with the realization that obsessing over it had become extremely unhealthy. Truth be told all my life there’d been a rather unhealthy aspect with male romantic partners, as my desire was literally addicted to their attention and gaze. By allowing this deep need for attention define me, a lot of suffering occurred from making poor choices; without first honoring myself.

It was during the first few years of my crystal enlightenment, approximately in 2008, I discovered, no, was rather told by spirit, to work with Pink Tourmaline. In a deep state of meditation, I experienced a divine vision where Mary Magdalene appeared; telling me the root of my issue resided in always looking to others for love rather than looking within myself.  She advised me to meditate on this with pink tourmaline; it being the color of divine love. If we will attune to divine love, fulfillment will come, because seeking love from outside sources, such as other people, will always bring disappointed.

Thus began my infatuation with this magnificent stone. It began showing up in droves at gem shows, and while traveling around the country, would sell it at psychic fairs. I’m pleased to carry it in my inventory and believe it’s a stone for everyone; known to bring joy and calmness to the user

Essentially a heart stone, it’s universally suggested to hold or rest on the heart chakra. Pink Tourmaline has many uses. In addition to it’s absolute healing power of divine love, it can be used to heal and clear old emotional wounds, attachments and traumas. It has a purifying element and assists with relaxation. It’s also considered to be an aphrodisiac by some; helping create safety in loving relationships and can assist in tuning into wisdom and compassion; both very desirable states of consciousness.

Pink Tourmaline comes in many forms; from gemmy clear stones, facetted for jewelry grade to large natural, unpolished chunks of material for delicate specimen wands. It can grow with other minerals; commonly quartz, aquamarine and other tourmaline colors to name a few. Any grade or amount of pink tourmaline will work to bring aspects of their energies into your life.

All you have to do is find your very own piece and let the love unfold.