April 4, 2016

Waiting For a Sign

origin_7779289794One of the great practices of mystics, shaman and spiritual people is the practice of looking for signs. Signs are interesting markers in our life to show us that we are on the right path and moving forward in the direction that is best for us. In your spiritual beliefs you may find that your guardian angels, spirit guides, the universe or God himself is sending you a signal helping you to make a choice or prompting a particular path. This can become handy during certain times of transition, confusion or decision-making. It is hard to know which signs are the best, especially when you begin and sometimes it takes a bit of practice to understand in what direction you’re being guided. It is best to create a language for yourself to understand signs for all times, not just when things are difficult. Cultivating connections in positive times will carry through so you always feel connected with your guidance. When challenging times do arise, you are able to move through them with understanding and trust.

It is during times of great transition, that we wish and hope for signs the most. It may seem at certain crucial moments that life is falling apart, and everything that you know is changing. You are moving into the great Unknown. In the tarot deck, these signs are often represented by the death card, the wheel or the tower, signs of great change and unknowing. Sometimes the larger path unfolds slowly and you are forced to cultivate patience. For some it may be the action of giving up control and just being present in the moment so you may witness the unfolding. This is often a departure from the intellectual process. This process can be seen as a part of larger spiritual growth not just helplessness to control.

Is this time during these periods of blindness that we become the most in tune with our selves and our guidance. This is where we must learn to trust fully our oneness with our own divine connection. For some, the only way through our darkest and most challenging of times is to listen to the stillness and put 1 foot in front of the other. Learning to trust the unknown and find the belief that that everything will be okay is far beyond naive trust, it is a maturing of the relationship with spirit and the self. In the beginning of this process, one may be stressed, but what it brings is freedom from fear of the unknown. Is this moment when we know that the old parts of ourselves are truly gone and the new enlightened open parts of ourselves have written and we may sit fully into our power and trust in knowing that we are moving in the right direction wherever that may be.

photo credit: Sean Molin Photography via photopincc