May 4, 2020

How to Use Crystals, Part 1: Wearing and Carrying

Wear and Carry Crystals as Jewelry or in pockets

Welcome to Part I of this series, discussing the different ways you can incorporate healing crystals into your daily life. We start with a simple and universal practice that works for everyone: to wear or carry your crystals as jewelry or in your clothing.

Crystals can influence and enrich our lives in a plethora of ways. However, for those just beginning to use their stones, the simplest solution is often best!

“How do I use my stones for healing and personal development?”

As a professional crystal healer and psychic medium, this a common question from students and clients.

As you learn and advance in your practice, you will begin to understand the influence that various stones have on aspects of your growth. 

Wear Crystal Jewelry

Jewelry is a must-have for so many of us. It’s lovely to look at, makes you feel beautiful, and gives you the chance to express your inner-self. In addition, crystal jewelry is fabulous for utilizing the healing properties of stones for all-day wear. So regardless of how you identify, you can take in the energetic benefits. Crystal jewelry combines style, beauty, and healing.

You may purchase crystal jewelry for aesthetic or metaphysical reasons. Either way, it is very easy to work with crystals in this way and build a vibrant collection.

Carry Crystals with You

Another excellent method is to carry your stones on your person.

For this, I recommend small, pocket-size crystals that fit in your various receptacles. Find spaces on your person that works for you. Try your pockets, inside your bra, in a bag or wallet, or even inside your socks.

Keeping Crystals Close for Comfort

When using a crystal’s energy for a specific purpose, it’s essential to place them within three feet of your body.

As you work with stones, you must allow them to intermingle with your energy field. The energy of stones affects us dimensionally and atomically through processes like osmosis and ionization. Keeping them close to you is a great way to get the most out of them without going as deep during meditation.

When I first started working with crystals, I would dream about specific ones. Then, for the next several days after, I would carry that stone in my pockets.

It’s excellent to select and collect a variety of stones so you can choose the best fit for whatever you need assistance with at the time. For example, you may select one specific stone to carry or experiment with mixing and matching different crystals together. The important thing is that you feel comfortable while you have them on you.

Tumbled stones are relatively light and make great pocket friends. In addition, they are polished and less susceptible to breakage.

Do some research if you’d like a crystal for a specific purpose, such as grounding, protection, attracting love, good health, or financial abundance. If you use crystals in this way, be sure to pay your respects and maximize their energetic influence by keeping your stones very clean and charged, which you can read about here.