February 10, 2020

What Are Ancestral Spirits?

I love working with Ancestral Spirits. When I give psychic readings to a new client, some of the first people to connect and offer messages are their loved ones who have crossed over, or ancestors. Ancestral Spirits are sometimes people that we knew, and others are ancient relatives that we have never met.  An Ancestor may act as a Spirit Guide offering life advice from the other side. If you had a very special connection with your Grandmother or Aunt who has crossed over for example, they are very likely to surround your energy field, offering love, support, and guidance. 

When you’re starting out, working with an Ancestral Guide can be much more comfortable than working with a spirit that you are unfamiliar with. You can ask your Ancestral Spirit to help you and guide you with lessons in your life. Working with Ancestors can go deeper to heal family wounds carried through generations. I encourage a stronger relationship with ancestors through meditation, communication with Spirit, or family lineage studies. Families may be more or less familiar with their ancestry and the idea of Ancestral Spirits depending on what cultural background or your upbringing. Remember, just because you are separated from ancestors by generations and didn’t know them personally, doesn’t mean they can’t be a strong ally for you. Sometimes the most powerful helpers are the most ancient ones.

How I Work With My Ancestral Spirits

Sometimes Ancestors are here to guide us and offer help with our life path. I have a Grandfather who died before I was born. He was a business owner in his lifetime, so he will offer information about my business. He wants to help me be successful, and to make up for things he didn’t do when he was alive. 

Another example is my Grandmother from my Father’s side who passed away when I was one years old. When she first began connecting with me, she would simply send me loving feelings and emotions without speaking. I tend towards verbal communication, so this was a confusing experience to me at first, but my Grandmother taught me about empathic communication and feelings as a message from Spirit. Ancestors may help us attune and advance our psychic abilities in this way. 

What if my Ancestor wasn’t a great influence?

Not all Ancestor Spirits are great influences, much like all people aren’t amazing influences. If you had an abusive, mean, or nasty relative who has crossed over, chances are, they aren’t much better in the afterlife. If they come to you trying to tell you what to do, you may need to ask them to go away if they are not of the light. Some people choose not to work with particular ancestors because of the legacy they left behind.  It is best to work with ancestors who are of the light and are there to help you. 

How Do I Work with my Ancestors?

There are many ways that you may utilize and work with your Ancestors to help you develop psychic ability, or to offer loving support.  My suggestion is to choose Spirits that you feel comfortable with, so often loved ones or Ancestors are great Spirits to connect and work with. Ancestor Spirits may be five generations back, it may be that you never knew them in this life, but perhaps are familiar with who they were. They are still there for you.  Keep in mind that an Ancestral Spirit may also be someone who was a step relative, or relative through marriage, an Ancestral Spirit does not necessarily need to be a blood relative. 

Set your intention to connect with and receive messages of the light from your Ancestors. You may set the intention of connecting with a specific ancestor, or you may intend to connect with any of your Ancestors, to see who you most easily connect with. Ancestors may offer messages as feelings, visions, verbal communication, songs, thoughts, or ideas. 

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