February 17, 2020

What Are Spirit Animals?

Spirit Animals are Spirit Guides of a higher frequency who are wonderful messengers and teachers. Spirit Animals may be wild animals, or even animals that we knew as pets. You may access a Spirit Animal through meditation, visualization, or repeated signs in your daily awareness. 

When you are trying to access a Spirit Guide, I suggest connecting with guides that you feel most comfortable with; You may be most comfortable with Ancestral Guides, Angels, Deities, Master Guides, or Spirit Animals.  When we work with different Spirit Guide Beings many people feel most comfortable connecting with animals. Some of my clientele feel distrusting of people from life experiences, and rightfully so. These clients only see animals as guides, because they feel most trusting of animals. 

Spirit Animals As Messengers, Signs, and Symbols

Do you repeatedly notice a particular animal in your daily life, or do you feel a strong connection to a particular animal? Let animals speak to you. For example, if you notice a fox on tv, a fox on a billboard, and see a fox in person; there is a sign there for you. It is possible to have many animal guides surrounding you. 

Simply seeing an animal may be a message, or may bring a particular energy into your awareness. Animals are symbols that mean different things in different cultures. Context is everything for how you see and view animals.  You can find the symbolic meanings of different animals online as a helpful guide, but also take into context your personal relationships, experiences, and cultural understanding.  What do you associate with a lion? Strength, fear, or perhaps both? Often the symbolic messages animals bring have a direct connection with your current life lessons and experiences. Maybe it’s time to be assertive and draw boundaries in your work life, and lions are appearing repeatedly in your awareness. The Lion Spirit is there as a symbol to help you connect with your inner power. 

Animal Spirits often appear in our lives as symbols, to offer messages, and support. Learn about working with Spirit Animals.

Spirit Animals As Teachers & Guides

I believe as children many of us learn to love from our pets, or animals around us. Many of us grow up with dogs, who are able to teach us about unconditional love and loyalty better than many humans are able to. Animals are great spirit messengers, but they are also great teachers with lessons on how to be a better human. Spirit Animals will give you direct messages through verbal communication, visions, or a direct transfer of feelings.  Spirit Animals will also surround you as a protector. 

Animal Communication

Some people have the gift of communication with animals. Animals are also conscious beings, but their consciousness exists within a different dimension of awareness. In shamanic journeys or meditations, the spaces where we meet our Spirit Animals exist with different universal laws, and it can be quite natural to communicate with animals in that space. I learned to communicate with my cat, who recently passed away. He is still communicating with me, and bossing me around from the other side! 

You can trust that animals are very good signs and messengers there to help you.  Would you like to connect with your Spirit Guides and Spirit Animals? My Blog and YouTube Video How To Meet Your Spirit Guides offers a step by step journey.