January 20, 2020

What Are Spirit Guides?

Spirit Guides are a core group of beings that your soul has known for a long time and trusts very much. Guides agree to connect with you throughout your life to share wisdom and guidance along your highest and most beneficial path. They help you with protection, love, healing, life path, relationships, and life lessons. 

Your Relationship with Guides

The importance of our relationship with the spirit world cannot be understated, and we are often unaware of this idea due to religious and societal beliefs. People in our society spend so much time looking for answers outside themselves.  When, in reality, we have this incredible spirit team around us to help us with whatever we need.  

Guides are your best friends. The most important and special relationship you will have in your life (outside of your relationship with yourself) is with your guides, as a direct relationship with the Divine.  They are here to nurture you, protect you, and to offer information on how to live your life in an effective and powerful manner. When you feel lonely and isolated you can turn to your guides for love and support. They are very dependable, in fact, they are totally dependable. They offer us protection, love, and healing.  Many of us will get more of what we need from our guides than from other people.

  • They are with you so you can learn your lessons and get the most from your life.  
  • They want you to succeed.  
  • Many of your guides know you well and love you very much.  They offer support and guidance whenever you are in need.  

Do I have Spirit Guides?

No matter who you are, you have a group of guides surrounding you and helping you. Most people have a main group of guides from birth to death. Guides must respect your boundaries, space, and your belief systems.  If you do not believe in the spirit world, they will not violate that belief. If you are extremely afraid of the unknown, they will not do anything to scare you.

  • You contract with your guides before you are born.
  • Your main group of guides join you at birth and stay through your death.
  • Your soul has a relationship with your guides from many past incarnations.  

As a professional psychic, I connect with many spirit guides connected to my life path, and also speak with spirit guides of clients. My primary Spirit Guide is a great help when I offer psychic readings. We trust one another completely, and we work together as a team to channel useful messages to my clients.  Our relationship has formed over many lifetimes; I know that this Guide was soul mate from a past lifetime, and so I am able to fully trust this guide.  

Many people, women in particular, feel that their primary guide was a past lover, partner, or soul mate in another lifetime. If you are a person who feels that you haven’t found your soulmate in this lifetime, but feel that there is a loving spirit surrounding you, this could be the case for you too. 

Why guides are with you

It is very important that you optimize your experience here in this lifetime.  Your life path can come in many forms such as saving the world, raising a family, being a solider, or simply having a quiet life to contemplate.  Whatever your purpose, your guides are there assist with learning your life lessons and staying on track.  Their job is to keep you in line with your soul’s purpose for this incarnation, no matter how much or how little you listen. 

We are surrounded by love and there are so many beings that love us. You can feel comfortable with your guides and fully trust their messages and guidance. Connecting with your guides will make your life so much easier.  

Spirit Guides Series Part 1: Spirit Guides are a group of beings that connect with you, and help you along your life path, relationships, and life lessons.

Spirit Guides are a fascinating and extensive topic, and we’re just getting started! Stay tuned for more blogs and follow our YouTube Channel to learn about Ancestor Guides, Spirit Animals, Angels, How to Meet your Spirit Guides, and more!