June 15, 2013

What is an Ascended Master?

medium_3597960601An ascended master is a being that has lived on earth and achieved greatness on many levels.  This greatness comes in the form of development and mastery on the human level, as well as the soul level.  They are able to live in their divine soul and transmit it on the earth plane.  They’re often enlightened beings; who in the truest sense of the word have connected fosters, and become in the I AM presence of their own divine light.  The term Ascended Master is often associated with spiritual practices such as the new age community, however ascended masters participate in almost every major world religion and belief system.

While at first glance there are certain Ascended Masters who would seem to  be fore runners or pinnacles in their practices; legendary figures such as Jesus, Mohammad or the Buddha.  The truth is every ascended Master was influenced by an ascended Master before him.  For example, Jesus is considered an ascended master whose influence can be seen in the works of another Master, Thomas Aquius, and yet, Jesus was influenced by Ascended Masters before him, such as Moses.  The reality is, Ascended Masters are working together to create an enlightened state for the planet.  There might be some masters that figure into society more prominently, or may appear to be in a more advanced state than others.  But the reality is they are all working together and no job or message is too big or too small for them.

Almost every being on the planet has connection to one or more of the ascended masters, and all masters are willing to share their knowledge and gifts with those who are ready to receive.  The Ascended Master’s came onto earth with an elevated understanding of some aspect of humanity.  One of the great purposes of our lives is to learn and to grow in the lessons of the universe.  We all are trying to learn these, and are at different levels within them.  Within this system we are all equal, we must all endure the same situations and no one skips ahead.  Success is earned not given.

Ascended Masters have obtained mastery of love, compassion, wisdom and purity.  They also are masters of energy, healing, psychic awareness and consciousness.  They have mastered ethics, synchronicity and have a greater perspective about humanity.  Some are versed in science, laws, math, geometry and medicine. There are many famous masters in spirit who come forward to help us and there are some who are not so well known.  Whoever you are and whatever your path is, there is a master that works with in your spirit.  They are different then spirit guides and guardian angels, they are teachers and they want to help you.

Want to work with your ascended master? 

photo credit: pasotraspaso via photopin cc