Why Some Feel Crystals and Others Don’t

When beginning to work with stones as healing tools, the most common desire is the ability to feel the mineral’s energy. We want to feel the different effects that various stones have, whether on ourselves or others if working as a practitioner. Some people can do this easily, and can even be oversensitive, while others find it much more difficult. So what’s the deal? Why do some people feel crystals and others do not?

Types of Intuition

It may have something to do with the type of intuition one has. Some people are empathic – meaning they feel things deeply, have strong emotional responses, and absorb energy involuntarily. When this form of intuition works with crystals, it’s often very easy to feel. However, I’ve learned about other types of people who don’t necessarily feel things. Instead, intuitive information comes via sounds, visions, or thoughts. As a teacher of client-based crystal healing, my practitioners would work on clients who would sometimes say they couldn’t feel what the stone was doing in their energy field, but could see lights, colors, and shapes. This only means they were strongly pushed toward a visual experience of the unseen. Some people have a bit of both perceptions. They might feel things from one stone, but see or even hear things with others. There is nothing wrong with any intuitive experience, but it may impact the way one interacts with their crystals.

Emotions as the Golden Key

One could say the backbone of the intuition is rooted in the emotional body. That’s why the inability to feel crystals can be caused by blocked or underdeveloped emotions. There are a couple reasons this occurs. You develop emotions by living the human experience on Earth. So in this case, it could be a young soul that has lived only a short time here. When a person has lived many lifetimes, a deeper sense of emotional capacity, expression and articulation is noticeable. A young soul may find difficulty feeling things entirely, but this isn’t a bad thing – it only means the ability has yet to be developed. Another reason the emotional body may be blocked is due to experiencing trauma or suffering, in this lifetime or others. Numbing the energy field and emotional body is one of the most common coping mechanisms that exists. This often happens to those who weren’t safe in their environment and therefore bottled their emotions, shut them down, or stored them away in the energy field. It’s important to know that if you cannot feel your emotions, it’s very difficult to feel crystals. On the contrary, some people have extreme emotional reactions like intense anger or sadness, with little room in between. This can also temper one’s ability to feel stones or dilute any deep experiences with the crystal’s subtle energies. 

If you’re attracted to crystals but have difficulty feeling and interacting with them, note that a damaged emotional body may be the reason for that attraction. If you’ve shut down your emotions, or learned from someone who did, awakening this part of yourself is the cornerstone of a successful personal development practice. If you are pulled to certain stones, they may illuminate certain emotions within you and teach you how to feel them over time. This is not an overnight process – if you don’t feel anything when you start working with stones, keep practicing! Eventually you will feel not only the crystals, but certain emotions too. Remember that it’s essential to be grateful for the intuitive space you are currently in. Desire for something else is a nullifying energy that makes the process harder. Be comfortable where you are, and do research! Work with crystals that support emotional development, such as rose quartz or orange calcite. Learning to feel, develop, and articulate our emotions is of the utmost importance when developing higher consciousness.