You May Be an Empath – Here’s Why

With so much going on in the world, many people are beginning to understand that there’s more to themselves than just physical reality. A huge rise in the concept and understanding of empathic people has recently sparked. An empath, by definition from a professional healer, is someone that feels everything around them. Empaths are in tune with the world yet can sometimes be out of tune with themselves. There is a deep connection to the psychic sense of feeling, whether it be a physical feeling or kinesthetic feeling about your surroundings. If you think you might be an empath, read more for a compilation of traits and experiences most empaths share.

Feeling vs. Absorbing

One of the biggest things about being an empath is that you feel everything going on around you. Big crowds of people can seem overwhelming or even claustrophobic, as you may sense everything going on in your environment. Empaths not only feel what’s going on but absorb it. If you’ve ever been around a person who makes you feel tired or drained, or you feel this way when you go out in public, this is a common experience for empaths. You can often come home feeling exhausted, and it can take a long time to recover.

Interestingly, because empaths are so absorbent, they often experience physical or psychological illness. An empathic person might feel physical pain or symptoms with seemingly no cause. This is often tied to an autoimmune disease by medical professionals. However, the mystery pain and sickness oftentimes stem from empathic tendencies.  

When you feel involuntary empathy for others, it’s difficult to distinguish between your energy and someone else’s. If a person is sad or upset about something, you can feel what’s going on. You may also feel you take on that emotion for them. Many empaths experience a very high amount of people coming to you for advice or telling you their problems, even out of the blue. This is because empathic people are intuitively able to “help” by absorbing the energy at hand or saying/doing something that is comforting to the person.

Finding Balance

Another side about being an empath is that you have to spend a lot of time alone, particularly in nature or with animals. These things really help clear the energy field out, making you feel balanced and calm – there’s nothing else quite like it! It’s not about watching television or reading a book, it’s about communing with nature and reabsorbing natural positive energy.

If you are an empath, you might find you have some trouble with boundaries. You may feel bad saying no to people who want you to listen to their story, which sometimes leads to manipulation. One thing an empath has to learn to do is set very strong and firm boundaries. This can be very difficult and unfortunately a lot of empaths are forced to sort through karmic relationships and narcissists. These difficult types of people really help you learn how to be strong, say no and actually read the situation before it happens.

Not to worry! If you’re an empath, you are likely a natural healer and somebody that many people like to be around. You are very caring, with an open heart and a keen intuition. It’s best to learn as an empath how to manage and take care of yourself, which will allow you to use your skillset in a super positive way.