Amethyst is a beloved mineral that occurs when manganese is present in clear Quartz. The color ranges from light to dark purple depending on its origin of location and whether it includes other trace minerals such as iron. It grows in many different formations and is polished into every possible shape. Amethyst is an essential stone for anyone on a spiritual path looking to open their intuitive and healing capabilities. It is associated with the crown chakra.

It is commonly known as a protective stone, mainly when dealing with spiritual and psychic protection. It clears negative, static, and dysfunctional energy from the aura and physical body. It is calming for the mind and the emotions and helps to promote calm, tranquility, and relaxation in the self. It is an excellent aid for meditation, psychic development, and re-alignment of the subtle bodies. It is also known to aid in decision-making, intellectual reasoning, and focus and brings insight and common sense.

It promotes flexibility and the release of rigidity of thoughts. It is also effective when trying to get over a former lover or painful relationship, helping to release the ‘need’ for or cord to that outside person. It is known well as a stone to support and encourage sobriety and to assist with healing addicted parts of the self. It has been used to treat many disorders, including headaches, bone, and cell repair, healing of soft tissues of the body, organ healing, and disorders of the endocrine and nervous systems. It has also been suggested to aid in the stabilization of mental disorders.